Delete Your Loquax Account

Some users ask us to delete their Loquax accounts. If you've made posts on the forum then this can be a real pain for us as it causes a lot of additional work. To this extent we will delete accounts on a user by user basis.

If you don't wish to use Loquax any more the easiest option is don't login! We can close your account to prevent you accessing if that is an issue!

You can also remove yourself from our mailing list. We won't contact you again.

Note, Loquax also does not sell your data to third parties. In fact the only information we have about you is your username and email address!

If despite the above you want us to delete your account, please complete the following form.

You need to be logged in to to request an account deletion

Account deletions may take between 5 minutes and 5 days depending what kind of mood we're in, and also how long you've been registered with us!