Loquax Login Problems

Select the appropriate option from the list below, or return to the help menu.

Incorrect Or Inactive Username Or An Invalid Password

If you login and get the following message "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password" then there's a problem!

Is your account activated?

If you have not received an activation code or have not activated your account then you can't login! Click here for help to activate your account.

Is your username correct?

Make sure you have typed your username in correctly - and that you're using the right username! If you're unsure of your username click here and we'll send you a reminder.

Is your password correct?

Make sure you have typed your password in correctly - and that you're using the right password! If you're unsure of your password click here and we'll send you a new password.

Are you registered?

You might not be able to login because quite simply you haven't registered! Click here and enter your email address and we'll tell you if you have joined Loquax!

My Account Has Been Deactivated

If your account has previously been active, but is now not allowing you to login then either a change of password has been requested or Loquax has deactivated your account.

Change of Password Request

When a password is changed on any account it automatically becomes inactive. An email is sent to the user who must reactivate their account. This is a security measure. If you are having problem reactivating your account, please see the account activation section.

Deactivation of Accounts

Loquax may deactivate your account - this could be due to your activity on the website or in response to potential security problems. Loquax will not notify you of account suspension.

We have recently deactivated accounts for (1) abuse on forums (2) false notification to AOL regarding spam (3) use of false email addresses (4) breach of terms and conditions of use of Loquax including using the site to populate other competition services. We reserve the right to decline access to Loquax to any one at any time.

If you believe your account has been suspended, then you need to contact us with your (1) username and (2) registered email address. We will then assess the situation and may revoke the ban or suspension.

Please do not create a new account. Any banned or suspended user creating additional accounts on Loquax will be deemed in breach of our terms and conditions. These accounts will also be banned.