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Most competitions and prize draws are run online these days but there are still plenty more promotions that run offline. You could spend money with comping magazines and websites to find out about postcard, leaflet and text competitions. Or you could get access to these great prizes for free thanks to the generous input of Loquax users. Our competition forums have a number of extra competitions (postcards, phone, plain paper, sms, itv) listed on them.

You'll also find the latest ITV competitions from the likes of Real Deal, Secret Dealers, This Morning and Loose Women - plus those answers - on the forums too. Not enough for you? How about using the forums to find extra Facebook and Twitter comps as well!

The Forums: Postal Competitions, Phone & Text Comps, Extra WWW & Email Comps

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Track Your Offline Entries: Use our simple system to keep track of forum posted competition entries. All you have to do is click the 'Thanks' button and then review your offline entries - it's simple and free to use!

Find Competitions Ending Soon: You can now find Closing Soon Competitions by closing date. This is available for postcard, phone in and extra WWW/Email posted competitions.

Find New Postcard Competitions: Looking to quickly see the Newest Competitions? Again this is available for postcard, phone in and extra WWW/Email posted competitions.

What Have I Entered?: Review your offline - and extra online - entries with the Competition Log. Remember this is all in addition to the main Loquax competition listings & tracker!

Print Option for Offline Competitions: Prefer to comp away from the PC? Don't want to spend money on a competition magazine? Then you can have the latest offline comps close to hand by printing off the previous week's comps every Sunday. See here for details. Did we say that this is free as well?

About The Competitions Posted On The Forums

These competitions are provided by users for users. It's a free service, but make sure you don't just "take". Join in the comping community, say hello, report your wins and thank the posters who provide information for you. Everyone has time to make at least one post a week on Loquax... so join in and get more fun from your comping!

Add Competitions

If you'd like to add a an offline competition to Loquax, please visit the 'Postal Competitions' for Postcard, NPN, PPE competitions or the 'Phone & Text Competitions' for phone in and SMS style comps.

Thanks To Everyone

Thank you to all posters of competitions - your input to this section determines how successful and useful it is for fellow compers.


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