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carolesul 29-10-18 14:58

I need to fill in a form to apply for a clean air sticker to travel through France, the online form want me to send jpg condensed photo, i canít do this, the photois in my photo library i need to attatch it to the online form, any help please, appreciated.

mook_uk1 02-11-18 17:44

You just need a image editor program to resize your pic. I used Irfanview as its free and fairly simple to use.

ZippyZappy 07-11-18 09:36

Download Faststone Image viewer (freeware)


Install it

Open your pic/image with it to full screen size

Move your mouse to the left of the screen and a menu will pop out

Choose resize/resample ( you can reduce it by number of pixels or by percentage)

save the result


zanuda 13-11-18 14:26

carolesul, you didn't mention what device you use. If you have computer, it usually have some simple image editor, with the phone - probably not. But at the moment there are plenty online websites that do this type of editing. Some - just for resizing. I personally use https://ipiccy.com/ - - it's image editing. Not that fancy as photoshop, but it has some interesting filters. And it allows you to change brightness/contrast, to do crop and resize. Try it, i think it might work from the phone as well.

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