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Exclamation Windows Live Mail - Windows Essentials 2012 - Warning

As per emails set out, Microsoft are changing the way their email services work. As part of this it means that Windows Live Mail was not going to work once the change was implemented, unless you installed an update from Microsoft.

My WLM had been playing up recently and freezing (after working flawlessly for years) so i decided to install the update to see if this fixed the problem....

Surprise surprise, it didn't, it actually made it worse. Windows Live Mail has now been quickly deleted from my PC as reliability of an email client for any comper is a must.

Just some advance warning for all our fellow Loquats that this is an issue that is known, and probably implemented on purpose, of our ever caring Microsoft, I assume in an effort to move people on to Windows 10.

I've now got myself setup with Mozilla Thunderbird to handle my hotmail/live email accounts and so far so good. There are a lot of email clients out there, but make sure it's one from a reputable company. (Don't want someone hijacking your wins )

Mozilla Thunderbird will be added to the useful programs list at the top of this forum.