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Feel free to create a new thread with any programmes you feel will be useful, including links and operating systems they are suitable for if not made clear on the download page (i don't think you want people downloading and installing programmes that won't work on their system, messing it all up and then needing help from you to sort it out again) so long as its all legit software, if in doubt about any run it past jason first.

Bear in mind not everyone uses windows 7 or ie 9 yet, some still use vista or xp and i think someone mentioned a short while back still using windows 98- nothing wrong with that so long as their computer does what it needs to do for them, ie surf the web perhaps or send emails or lets them enter competitions they may not need anything else other than anti-virus/anti-spyware protection.

A mod or jason/kirsty can then place the list in the top half of this forum section and make it what is called a "sticky" so that its not left in the normal thread list and gets buried over time.

CCleaner is on the thread i have linked too, Openoffice is mentioned and linked from sophia8's posting.

From a personal perspective i've already had skype but never really used it, might as well talk using messenger, but its been mentioned on the forums before, not sure how useful it might be to some, but thats just my own opinion, someone might like it. We have a logitec webcam with built in mike so can talk to daughter in Holland over that, which suits us a lot better than skype does.

Anyway i digress, as i said there is nothing stopping you creating a thread containing any programmes you consider useful, and if in doubt about any ask the boss or one of the mods.
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