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Old 24-10-15, 13:21
corallaws corallaws is offline
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Angry Help my hotmail format has changed

Hi can anyone help they have updated me to outlook and as a result I can on,y see a few emails at a time and have to delete them indivually ,as you know co peers received so many emails ,I don't know what to do to get it back ,any ideas thanks
Old 26-10-15, 19:35
JudeVFR400 JudeVFR400 is online now
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My partner's just complained of the same thing, she has a nexus 7. My hotmail view on the laptop is still as it used to be, so I can see her borrowing this to read her email.
Old 26-10-15, 19:46
totallytrees totallytrees is offline
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Mine's changed as well - I think it must be a general update, which is a real shame as I much preferred the old format - but it seems we have no choice!
Old 18-11-15, 15:51
cloudzulu cloudzulu is offline
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mine has changed as well But now most loquax competition emails blocked for
some reason and I do not know what to do, any ideas anyone.
It comes up with a box saying task error.. Help!!!!

windows live mail error; ID:0X8DE00005
unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail account.

Post edited; 18-11-15 at 21:00. Reason: need to add error message
Old 11-12-15, 19:06
anne789 anne789 is offline
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This is probably completely unconnected but my Outlook just changed for the worse
after an update. As I am completely useless with computers, I sought help from my son-in-law, who sorted the problem for me. He gave me the following link in case anyone else could make use of it..

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