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Helen0903 - £200 Tesco Vouchers
Thank you Excelant for posting the comp to win £200 Tesco vouchers I was one of the 5 lucky winners I had an email today , this amazing as will really help out with the shopping :p?

Marycooper1959 - Thanks Guy - A Win At Last
After a long, lean spell hubby has won a luxury weekend in Cardiff from the Classic FM site. Was beginning to wonder if we'd ever win again! Thanks Guy?

JOANNA33 - Chocolate Themed Holiday!!
Thank you so much to 'andjan' for posting the Moneywise comp as I won Augusts!! This my prize...... Moneywise has teamed up with The Chocolate Boutique Hotel – which says it’?

Lfk99 - Broke The Dry Spell!
After a long time without a win I'm happy to say I've had two at once today (that doesn't happen to me very often!). First was an email from the Sun to say I won £50 in their words?

Jacquesbrel - Good Job I Checked My Spam Folder
I nearly cleared my spam folder when I noticed a wem from Flickering myth as I am a winner of a Witness for the Prosecution Blu-ray. Especially fab as I've only had a Blu-Ray pl?

Tracey64 - Thanks To Pammy135 - Inside Soap Win
Just received a fifty pounds cheque in the post, referenced Inside Soap Arroword. Thanks very much to pammy135 for posting.?

Michie - 2 For Me Too!!
Thanks to the lovely ccaple for tagging me and winning us both a lovely bouquet. :-D Also on FB won a raspberry preserve and a real ale chutney from The Cherry Tree Preserves. :dr?

SandraDJ - My Weekly Win
I've received an email informing me of a book win. Thanks to julie-j for posting. [url]https://www.loquax.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=794856&highlight=shed[/url]?

SandraDJ - Second Of The Day!
I received a message from Carex UK to say that I have won a Carex birthday hamper. It came as I was sitting down, so I replied immediately. I have searched but can't find the F?

Devon007 - More Tickets!
Thank you bestkeptsecret. Got a WEM tonight saying I have won a pair of tickets for this. [url]https://www.loquax.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=4398345#post4398345[/url]?

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