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Escapevelocity - Planet Rock Legends Radio Win
I think this is my first post here, but I've been lurking for nearly a year. I thought I'd post this as I find reading other people's wins motivating. Tonight I got a call from?

Donnad - Wtc From Capital Fm
OMG im in shock i just won a 49 inch tv, sound bar, Dr beets headphones and a years now tv.. i won a worzel gummidge dvd yesterday. so pleased my comp fairy has returned aft?

Sue140 - Won 100 Tesco Gift Card
I received a phone call this morning from Kiss FM that I had won a 100 Tesco Gift card, am soooo pleased this will really help with this years xmas goodies, thanks to Guy who post?

Suzoneill - A Year Of Gin - No.1 Magazine
I got an email this week to say I won this one! Its 12 bottles of gin from The Gin Bothy which I already drink and love! So chuffed!!:-P:ta:?

Yd1556 - Massive Thanks To Wilmaj915!
I have received an email from The Range informing me that I am the winner of Day 9 of the advent calendar competition posted by wilmaj915. The prize is a toy bundle worth 350. A?

Bubble22 - Whyte & Mackay
WEM just in - I have won a bottle of 50 year old whisky! This will make an ideal retirement present for a special friend. Thanks so much to debbied for posting the comp:ta::t?

Angiem32 - WEM Woman & Home Online
This was off the 'Win It' comps that I try to enter daily 'You recently entered our Woman And Home Competitions competition and have won: Win a 422GW Series 2 Nextbase Dash ?

Paranoidpearl - WEM Burt's Bees
Thank you [B]stehol[/B] for posting the comp. I've won a Burt's Bees Goody Bag worth 300 from Mumsnet. I don't remember whether it was just baby products or a mixture...either?

Malh - Draper Tools Advent Win
My first for over two years on an advent competition - Draper Tools day 6 - things are looking up this year.?

JILL - XXL Olaf ⛄
One for me too, thanks to jlbarker for posting. Not sure if grandson Robbie could cope with it 1metre tall. :-o Going to ask my daughter first, but it'll probably be better goin?

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