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Every day Loquax users post their wins to our Winners Post Forum! But who are the big winners? Well, here's your chance to find out with our 'Roll of Honour'. Congratulations to all - and don't forget to check back as it will update regularly.

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Jayanna - British Airways 1k Centenary Hamper - Thank You Wilmaj915
:dance: I can't believe it! I won one of the luxury hamper daily prizes. It arrived on Friday only a few days after I was notified. My best win for ages!! Each hamper includes:?

Sheena Maclellan - Real People Winner Sony Digital Camera
Just received a letter today to say I have won a Sony Digital Camera worth 70 from Real People. The letter says I can either have the camera or a cheque for the equivalent value?

Pinksiris - 500 Artfinder
Big thank you to jlbarker for posting. Just been informed that I was a runner up (first prize was 1k to spend). I've got 500 to spend and there are loads and loads of lovely pr?

Titleyann - Yay First Win This Year.
Yay First win this year. A small prize but a prize non the less. Received an email saying: Good Afternoon Congratulations! You are one of the lucky winners of the A.Vogel ?

Stevo47 - Purple Patch
Hi As most compers know we can have a dry spell with no wins then out of the blue get a run of small wins. In the last week I have had some joy with a series of wins in Purch?

Molly_mockford - Retro Sweet Box
I've just had an e-mail from Kirsty to say I've won the Loquax competition for a box of retro sweets, and I'm delighted!?

Starbuck - Thanks, Janet Haste
Many thanks to Janet for posting the Best magazine comps. A 50 Wilko voucher came through the letter box this morning.?

Manaton - Thank You To 04rdudl
After a long spell of not winning anything, and a long spell of bad luck generally, I won 50 in Amazon vouchers in the Lanes for Drains competition posted by 04rdudl whom I have t?

Mars King Size - Mystery 100
Received 100 cheque today, but no clue where it came from. :dance: The only clue is T I Media. I saw Xander won 150 from them recently, so wondering if it is Chat Magazine ?

Emzylou79 - Thank You Johnnyett - School Run Win :-)
Just has a WEM to say I am one of the 7 winners of an Ugly Dolls Goodie Bag from the post below posted by Johnnyett. ���� [url]https://www.loquax.co.uk?

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