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Sarah1271 - Daily Mail
Thank you to everyone who post the daily mail text competitions, I've just had Call to say I have won 500?

Julsthomas - Daily Mail Trivia Quiz - Thank You For Posting Queenie68
Just picked up a voicemail from the Daily Mail letting me know I won yesterday's Trivia Quiz for 1,000 Big thank you to Queenie68 for posting Julie?

Starbuck - Thanks Jlbarker
Many thanks Jenny, I've won a bundle of kids books from the Harper Collins/Sun competiton. Only received the email yesterday and they arrivd today. Lovely books by David Walliams, ?

Louisegroves - Products Of The Year 2021
Nice start to the morning, a huge heavy box arrives. Containing a big bag and 200 worth of household products and food items that won product of the year. Happy to be able to ?

Tessah55 - 1,000!
Had an email to say "Congratulations! You have won 1000 in the competition featured in February issue of Take a Puzzle & Crossword" I think it may be this one here, so thank yo?

Kevandpez - Tesco's Ferrero Rocher Win
Hi all, i received a text saying i have won 200 Tesco's gift card 32 Bloom and wild E-code I'm really happy as it's my first win in over a year :-D hopefully there wi?

Galadrial - Thank You Jlbarker
Thank you jlbarker for posting the Sun Products of the year goody bag. I had a text yesterday to say I was having a parcel delivered and when it turned up it was the Products of?

Daphnemonk - My Weekly Missing LINK 676 25
My Weekly Missing LINK 676 25, Many Thanks again Queenie68, you are certainly very Lucky for me , spreading fairy dust :fingerscrossed:?

Jasmine130711 - Fudge Win
Got a message on facebook to say I have won a box of fudge - oh sweet treats are always lush?

Jasmine130711 - Another Win
Got an message on facebook to say I'd won the ultimate Tom and Jerry collection DVD. My son is gonna be so happy?

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