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Johnnyett - End Of Long Dry Spell, Last Win Was July
Feeling really happy, received an email from socialnetworksolutions.co.uk, telling me I have won a 50 WH Smith Voucher:-D:-D:-D?

Djillanne - Dorset Cereals Advent Win
I won Day 2 of Dorset Cereals advent - luxury Christmas crackers! First win in a long, long time so very much appreciated.?

Jacquesbrel - Afternoon Tea + Distillery Tour + DBB At 4* Hotel
Received a wem and I'm delighted. Thanks to MISSCJAG for posting Cumbria Life competition to win: a tour and afternoon tea at The Lakes Distillery and an overnight stay with din?

Paranoidpearl - WEM - Dolls!
Thank you [B]honki25[/B] for posting the My Baba competitions. I only entered one of them and won it! A Collection of Fair Trade Soft Dolls & a Doll Rattle! A very timely pr?

Ronnieg - Bit Of A Meanie Win
[B]"The Grinch" merchandise[/B] - Flicks and the City :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:?

SandraDJ - 2nd Advent Win
I received an email from Wendy Wu this morning informing me that I have won a Harden's Best UK Restaurants guide: [url]https://www.loquax.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=809381&high?

Pyle - Zizzi Advent Win
Thank you Xander, have won day 6 of the Zizzi advent comp. Won botanical tea bags for gin, sounds interesting. Not been doing too well with comps lately so am very pleased. :dance:?

Daisybooh - Instant Win
Won a bottle of wine on 02 priority thank Guy for posting comp:dance::dance:?

Ronnieg - I'm Doing Swimmingly, Thank You
[B]"Swimming With Men" DVD[/B] - Older is Wiser :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:?

Stevo47 - Disney Win
Hi Got a call today and have won a comp with Waitrose. A Glade Disney hamper is being delivered in time for Xmas. Not sure what goodies are in the hamper. There were 25 w?

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