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Every day Loquax users post their wins to our Winners Post Forum! But who are the big winners? Well, here's your chance to find out with our 'Roll of Honour'. Congratulations to all - and don't forget to check back as it will update regularly.

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Lorelei - Product Of The Year 2020 Goodie Bag
Yesterday I received the first prize of the year (in fact, first prize in ages) - it was a 2020 Product of the Year goodie bag from Netmums. There was a selection of food items, t?

Santacat - 3 Wins In March = First For 2020!
Three wins in March 4th March - Won a Prima Comp to win a trip to the home of Downton Abbey. I m waiting to hear form the sponser but given the strange times that may obviously ?

Jadebigname - First Win Of 2020
i havent been comping much due to working for the nhs and having 3 kids. Been sent home from work for 12 weeks due to having severe asthma and this corona virus. This year b?

Jaycee5 - Jones The Bootmaker
Just had a WEM to tell me that I've just won a pair of trainers. Something I really need and there are more expensive than I would buy so am very pleased. My internet is down at ?

AliW1 - Method Handwash - Who Posted The Competition...?
Normally a bottle of handwash would be a nice-to-have minor prize but in the current Coronavirus climate, I could not be more delighted! I have run out, it was missing from my inte?

Sheena Maclellan - Box Of Pipers Crisps
Just had a message on FB and have won a box of Pipers Crisps. You had to nominate someone who deserved to win them and I nominated my boy Calum who is a nurse in the A&E Dept of ?

Michie - Thanks Clarateddy!
Thanks to Clarateddy for posting her own posts, I have won the set of Quick reads (some signed) on Instagram. As you all know I am an avid reader and love my books so will love thi?

Legray22 - My 'NHS Hero' Win!
Another win for me from Silver Pink on their facebook page! Had to nominate an NHS hero and my friend, Catherine, who is a Staff Nurse (RMN) at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has w?

Michie - Another Instagram Win!
I have won a lovely clutch bag on Instagram that a friend tagged me in ... I think they probably found the comp on here so thanks to Sheep for posting. This will make a lovely Birt?

SandraDJ - Book Win
I received an email just as I was checking my emails this morning. It was from Crime and Investigation. I have won a copy of Cults Uncovered. Thanks to 1QCS for posting: [url]h?

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