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Bogglebonce - A Text Win, Thank You Garfield33
A big thank you to Garfield33 who posted the Big Night In text competition with Poundland/Cadbury. I got a text on Friday to say I was one of the winners, then today I got an email?

Jackietalbot - One Small Win Since Coming Back
After going through an unimaginable tragedy in July I lost the heart for comping. I have started to dip my toe in again and have been rewarded with a bottle of wine. A small ?

Daphnemonk - 5 Win From Co-op And Velvet
Only a small win, but all are welcome :fingerscrossed:?

Sheena Maclellan - Tesco Vouchers.
I was in tesco today and thought it was good, said to myself i need to shop here more often, came home and had a FB notification from Brick Castle, ive won a 15 tesco voucher, its?

Siameselouise - Win From EE
Just had a email from EE to say that I have won a Google Home Max speaker. There are 10 so hopefully there will be some loquat winners. Many thanks to Gkynaston for posting this?

AniaSSS - Love It Magazine Win
Big thank you to Janet Haste. Had email today I am Hooch competition winner, Love it Magazine 706. I won TV, mini fridge etc, Thank you very much Janet. I had very long dry spell. ?

Trooty - Winning Call - Iphone XR And Airpods
Massive thanks to gkynaston for posting this heart competition. Winning call and follow up email to say that ive won the circle / heart radio online competition and bagged a n?

Michie - 2 Wins This Week!
Have won some Popcorn & Miniature Gins on Instagram and have had an email to say I have won a Steel Obelisk (worth 290) for the garden from Gardens Illustrated. It does look great?

ColinJ - Kiss FM/Direct Line - 1,000 Win
Many thanks to Guy for [URL="https://www.loquax.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=851293"]THIS POST[/URL] - I have just been told that I have won 1,000! :ta: It has come at a r?

JOANNA33 - London Here We Come!!
Thanks to gkynaston for posting Visit London comp - had an email today to say I have won this..... A family sightseeing river pass from City Cruises Dinner for two people at ?

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