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Every day Loquax users post their wins to our Winners Post Forum! But who are the big winners? Well, here's your chance to find out with our 'Roll of Honour'. Congratulations to all - and don't forget to check back as it will update regularly.

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Kevandpez - Tesco's Ferrero Rocher Win
Hi all, i received a text saying i have won 200 Tesco's gift card 32 Bloom and wild E-code I'm really happy as it's my first win in over a year :-D hopefully there wi?

Emma155 - Premium Bonds
A very nice win on premium bonds this month, was amazed to see I have won 1000! I either get a sorry you haven't won every month or a 25 win. :dance::dance:?

Galadrial - Thank You Jlbarker
Thank you jlbarker for posting the Sun Products of the year goody bag. I had a text yesterday to say I was having a parcel delivered and when it turned up it was the Products of?

Emma155 - Tesco Yop Text To Win
Thank you so much to debbied for posting the Tesco text to win competition! I received a text advising I have won! The prize is an Apple sports watch, water bottle and 100 Tesco?

Redshaw - My Annual Win
I don't win very often, but had a surprise delivery today of some BOSH recipe books and stock cubes from Vegan Living Magazine. Thank you Rai for posting the competition. That's m?

Daphnemonk - My Weekly Missing LINK 676 25
My Weekly Missing LINK 676 25, Many Thanks again Queenie68, you are certainly very Lucky for me , spreading fairy dust :fingerscrossed:?

Isis1981uk - 2500 Of Curtains/blinds
I had a call from Thomas Sanderson letting me know I've won up to 2500.00 to spend on their blinds/curtains/awnings! I was a little hesitant/cynical on the phone at first, as I'v?

Jasmine130711 - Another Win
Got an message on facebook to say I'd won the ultimate Tom and Jerry collection DVD. My son is gonna be so happy?

Pyle - Thank You Yelsel/Jill
Winning email from Sophie Allport. Have won the Coombe Farm competition. Prize is a 150.00 Sophie Allport voucher. :dance: Many thanks Yelsel and Jill. :ta: :ta:?

Sheena Maclellan - Bottle Of Gin
Great start to the month - have won a bottle of gin on FB with the Wigan Runner - delighted.?

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