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Scratchcards and The National Lottery go hand in hand. Every day millions of gamecards are sold with people hoping to scratch their way to a big cash prize. The nature of scratchcards has changed dramatically over the years too. The simple 3x3 squares have been replaced with branded games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. On top of that online instant win and scratchcard sites have appeared hoping to capitalise on the Nation's obsession.

The problem with online scratchcards is that the 'scratch' feel though is missing - as there's no coin to virtually rub the symbols! You simply click and a section of the card is revealed. You can opt to reveal all in one go, but this takes away what little suspense the games offers! Like all real life scratch cards ultimately the playing seems to end in disappointment and players may find that playing the slots and bingo games on offer at sites like Jackpotjoy yield more rewards and fulfilling game play.

However, The National Lottery have tried to arrest these issues and their online scratchcards are some of the best around. They're usually highly interactive so you at least feel like you're doing something for your money. For example you may roll a dice or select some letters depending on the type of card you choose. One thing to note about National Lottery scratchcards is that they can be expensive.

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Instant win games and scratchcards are popular sections on most casino, bingo and soft gaming sites. There have been a number of scratchcard sites online too. Sites like Scratch2Cash and offer free 5 no deposit bonuses to players to play their games. Unfortunately the quality of the games are not great and there's often little there to make you want to return. The free bonus is nice - and whilst the "1 in 3 cards wins" line sounds enticing it never really pans out like that when you're playing for real.

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