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Bingo Trackpots 29th August

Added on Monday 29th August 2011

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This week our bingo trackpots have recorded a progressive jackpot high of 902.72 which was won on the 26th August playing 90 Ball Bingo at 888 Ladies. Every week we analyse our trackpot data to see which bingo sites are paying out the most money and the most frequent jackpots.

Our graph below shows that the top jackpots last week ranged from 902.72 to 352.15. Over the last seven days a total of 14851.43 has been won on progressive bingo jackpots on the sites monitored with our trackpot.

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As well as the top progressive jackpots we also discovered this week that...

11495.20 was won playing 90 ball bingo and 3356.23 was won playing 75 ball bingo progressive games.

The largest amount of money paid out in progressives this week was at Foxy Bingo who paid out 7826.69 (37 pay outs). They were followed by Costa Bingo who paid out 2285.48 (7 pay outs).

The most jackpots were won on Saturday with a total of 3230.15 being won in 18 different games.

The best time to win a progressive jackpot over the last seven days was between 19.00 and 20.00 when 1293.10 was paid out in progressives (9 jackpots).

The most money was paid out between 2.00 and 3.00 when 2185.24 was won (5 jackpots).

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Data is shown for entertainment purposes only and is based solely on data made available from selected providers. The data does not show fixed jackpots or regular pots and not all bingo operators run progressive jackpots or provide relevant information

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