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Be A Caesars Blackjack Millionaire

Added on Sunday 1st April 2012

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Caesars Casino want to make a Blackjack player a millionaire! They've launched a new challenge for their Singledeck Blackjack players - and a lucky series of deals could see you walk away with 1million! The challenge is to get 6 consecutive Blackjacks in a single game!

You didn't think that they were going to make it easy now did you? The odds of this event occuring are pretty remote. First of all as the game is Singledeck you might assume that they'll only be four Aces in play - so there's only 4 possible Blackjacks if the deck isn't shuffled.

Now, the chances of Blackjack when you're dealt a Ten or Picture Card followed by an Ace is 8*(16/52)*(4/51) = 0.19! To get six Blackjacks in a row - the deck must be shuffled. Let's assume that this happens on each round so that each deal is with a new deck!

To get 6 Blackjacks in a row we think will be (0.19 * 0.19 * 0.19 * 0.19 * 0.19 * 0.19)! This seems to be a fairly low 20,000 (ish) to 1 which makes us wonder if our statistical maths may not be entirely correct. For example, he odds will vary if shuffling doesn't occur and taking into account the dealers hand. It's left us a little confused! We've had a look at a few sites for some answers - but even they seem at odds with the chances.

Stats aside, to make your task a little harder, you only have until the 14th May to see if you beat the Singledeck Black challenge. Note also that if the dealer also gets a blackjack, the hand will be "push" and will not be counted and the streak reset.

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