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Dotty Bingo Want Liam Gallagher!

Added on Monday 16th April 2012

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It has been rumoured that Dotty Bingo has approached Liam Gallagher (of Oasis and Beady Eye fame) to be the face of their online bingo site. Apparently they are willing to offer Liam big bucks to sign a contract with them. This will supposedly require him to help advertise this online bingo site on a series of different TV advertisements and he will also be required to record some unique bingo calls. If of course there is any truth in this story; if it was April 1st we would think not!

Liam Gallagher does seem somewhat of a bizarre choice for Dotty Bingo, as although he would bring a somewhat Ďrockí edge to their site and perhaps break the stereotypical images that are still often associated with bingo, we just canít imagine seeing this particular signing ever happening.

First of all we would have thought Liam would have been busy with his new band Beady Eye. Secondly Liam isnít known as being the most PC celeb around and thirdly we think that Dotty Bingo would have to completely re-design their site to fit in with their new image, should the deal go ahead of course and only time will tell if it does......

In similar news it seems things are looking up for Gavin Henson, as Brits Bingo has decided to keep him on as the face of their bingo site. This came after his antics on a flight from Glasgow, which led to him being sacked from Cardiff Blues (rugby team) and his Nestle yogurt sponsorship ending for the same reason.

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