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Come Aboard The Love Boat At Polo Bingo

Added on Monday 4th February 2013

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Love, it's exciting and new! Come aboard, we've been expecting you! And love, life's sweetest reward, let it flow, it floats back to you. It's an unusual intro to a bingo news article, but those of you who are old enough to remember will instantly recognise the lyrics to the theme from The Love Boat.

For the youngsters, The Love Boat was a popular US romantic comedy series that featured a cruise ship. Each week new guests would come aboard, have a love crisis and the crew of the ship would sort things out with occasional hilarious consequences! Here's the TV theme intro just to get you in the mood.

For bingo fans, The Love Boat is the name of the latest promotion from Polo Bingo! From the 3rd February to the 27th February there will be mystery jackpot games taking place on the site every 2 days. You can pre-buy your cards for 20p each and we're led to believe that the jackpot prize changes each time.

The site suggests the jackpot will be a mystery, except when you login the jackpot prize is indicated in the room!! The first game will play on 5th February at 7pm and the jackpot on offer is 400. There's up to 5000 to be won during the promotion so it's well worth a play.

Note that this is a United Bingo promotion and will be running on other sites including Moon Bingo. So grab your tickets and climb aboard The Love Boat! By the way, we're now hoping to see plenty of other bingo promos named after popular 70s and 80s TV shows.

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