Bunny Sacked In Favour Of Lobster Bingo

Added On 1st August 2013

Unfortunately, Clucky Bingo has now closed and therefore not accepting any more players. Follow the link for alternatives to Clucky Bingo.

We like to trawl Youtube for new bingo videos and today spotted one titled Lobster Bingo. Is this a brand new site on it's way or is something fishy going on? The clip - which sadly lacks sound - shows a man in a bunny suit getting fired, a man in a lobster suit getting hired and a man in a chicken suit in the pub with the rabbit...

The clip is from Nova Scotia Casino and relates to a bingo game that you can play along with - possibly when you order a lobster. It's unclear whether it's a commercial or whether the staff of Nova Scotia Casino were out on the pop and decided to follow up their Harlem Shake.

Interestingly the bunny that gets fired in the first clip - and carted away in handcuffs - is leading the Harlem shaking. Obviously things were going well work wise at that point. Rabbits don't have a good record in bingo with a former UK site, Bunny Bingo, hopping off the bandwagon back in 2010.

Obviously as proprietors of Clucky Bingo we'd love to have seen more of the chicken but sadly he only gets a bit part role. The Lobster however is the star and is the one credited with the new Lobster Bingo game. Immediately we did check to see if there was an actual site - and there isn't! Given the ever increasing need for a brand perhaps there's a future one right there.

Crustaceans get a raw deal in the branding stakes as other options that are currently free include "crab bingo", "prawn bingo" and "shrimp bingo". We'll be watching to see if any of those appear in the future and we'll be looking out for odd bingo themed videos - if you spot one then let us know.

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