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Early Christmas Gifts From Aunty Acid Bingo

Added on Monday 18th November 2013

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Christmas has arrived early at Aunty Acid Bingo this year as they're already dishing out the presents. The site, and others on the Live Bingo Network, are spreading tidings of comfort and joy to players with a daily pre-Christmas raffle. Each day there is a challenge to complete and a different prize to be won.

To get involved with the Christmas Raffle you simply need to play at Aunty Acid Bingo (or other sites on the network( and complete the day's challenge. Three players each day will be chosen to receive an early gift from Santa. The challenges and prizes are as follows:

  • Monday - highest wagerers win LED Colour Changing Candles
  • Tuesday - highest slot wagerers win an iMusic Pillow
  • Wednesday - highest bingo wagerers win Aroma Feet Warmers
  • Thursday - highest first depositors win Heated Seat Massagers
  • Friday - highest bingo wagerers win Christmas Sweets
  • Saturday - highest slot wagerers win a Candy Floss Maker
  • Sunday - highest last depositors win a Chocolate Fountain

As well as completing the challenges there are some additional terms. Players must deposit at least 20 every day to qualify and they must like the LBN Facebook page. We have to say that these terms are a tad ridiculous! Firstly not everyone - believe or not - is on Facebook so the necessity of that for a bingo promotion is just plain stupid. Secondly, the wording of "must deposit a minimum of 20 every day" suggests a 20 deposit daily from the 4th to 30th November. We think they actually mean you need to spend 20 on the day to qualify for that day's draw - but then you never know.

If you feel that the hurdles to picking up a small Christmas gift are already a pain in the butt, then wait for the final part. "To claim a win, winners must send a testimonial, confirm their postal address and photograph of themselves"! We could understand this if the prize was a car, holiday or even a prize worth over 100 - but these aren't exactly life changing prizes. We're all for the season of goodwill but not with all these restrictions and terms - and especially as there's plenty of other pressies available elsewhere.

Of course this isn't the impugn Aunty Acid Bingo. Our view is simply that the terms are unclear and a little over zealous for the size of the prizes on offer. Aunty like Comfy, Landmark and others on the Live Bingo Network are given the terms - and it's up to you - the player - to decide whether you're happy with them or not. At the very least do make sure you're familiar with terms of all bingo promotions as that way they'll be no surprises along the way.

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