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Coronation Street Bingo Launches At Gala

Added on Tuesday 3rd December 2013

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After weeks of spoilers akin to the likes of what's happening in Eastenders and Emmerdale, Gala Bingo have finally launched their exclusive Coronation Street Bingo game and slot. They've teamed up with The Nation's Favourite Soap to put together an exciting package of fun games mixed with Corrie favourites. They've then tied it all up in a bow by getting Fred Eliott and Reg Holdsworth to do the bingo calls!

Coronation Street Bingo

The brand new Coronation Street Bingo room is open between 8am and midnight daily. It's a standard 90 ball room with the usual games you'll find at Gala but branded with something fun to make it Corrie related. For example you'll find The Rovers Return (1TG), Weatherfield (2TG), Streetcars BOGOF, Newton & Ridley Pint and Newton & Ridley Half Pint. There's also a Golden Cobbles progressive jackpot on offer throughout the game play. Disapointingly there's no "after house bonus round" that we've seen on other TV themed games like X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

To be fair, Gala have made a bit of an effort to elevate Coronation Street Bingo to be more than just a standard 90 ball room with fun names. Bringing in Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley) and Fred Elliot (John Savident) as the voice of the balls is a stroke of genius - although we'd also like to see Bet Lynch and maybe even Hilda Ogden added into the mix! We presume no current cast members are involved because of contractual reasons but it would be nice for Audrey or Gail to do some calls too.

To add something extra, the room boasts "100 archived video clips from the early days of life on the street to present day". These clips pop up between games to help alleviate the uncomfortable silence. These clips might give roomies the chance to chat about the old days of Corrie when, let's face it, it was so much better than it is today. We have no idea what Annie Walker would have made of a bingo version of The Street!

Putting together the most well known name in bingo with the most well known Soap could potentially be a match made in heaven. However, at the end of the day there's nothing new for players other than another room to play in. As much as we love the bingo callers, Fred started to grate quite a bit - we think Reg might be better. Younger players may not actually know who they are!

On a more positive note we suspect that they'll be plenty of prizes and additional promotions to go with the new room - it will certainly need it because it all feels a bit flat! However, it does raise the question whether Emmerdale will follow suit. Currently Bet365 Bingo are sponsoring the show but we wonder whether they and/or Emmerdale will now seek out an exclusive game of their own. That could be a real possibility if Corrie's version at Gala proves to be a ratings success.

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