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No Moon Prize But 1000 On Offer

Added on Wednesday 8th January 2014

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Here's an interesting question - if your first prize choice was a trip to the moon, what would be the next best thing? For us it could be a nice new house, perhaps a Ferrari or even a luxurious world holiday. We're not sure if 1000 would get on the list - it'd be nice - but it's definitely not the next best thing to a trip to the moon.

We ask this because Chit Chat Bingo are offering the next next best thing to a trip to the moon. Their site initially claims they you could "be the first ChitChat player to win a trip to the Moon" before sneakily adding they can't offer the prize as "the boss said we couldn't"! They then go on to say that they have the "next next best thing for you to win - 1000 cash + 500 runner up cash"!

OK so the moon thing is a bit tongue in cheek but it's also pretty naughty and we suspect that ASA might get a little aggrieved by it. You see if everyone used the same kind of line then the whole competitions/promotions system would be awash with stupid prize win this offers and "oh the boss said we couldn't do it" lines. In our view it's a bit silly of Chit Chat, especially as the actual prize isn't even moon related.

They could say "win a Ferrari" and then follow that up with "the boss said we can't afford a full sized one, but you can win a model car". Or they could say win a Toy Yoda and wait for someone to complain that their prize isn't a brand new car. Even with the Moon they could offer a related prize such as an acre of the moon, moon rocks or perhaps an anti-gravity flight? To be fair to Chit Chat they do cover their backsides by including "all entrants into the competition understand and accept that [they] are not giving away a trip to the Moon" in the terms.

Anyway, despite 1000 not being our next next best thing to win it is the real prize that is on offer in Chit Chat Bingo's latest promotion. Play on the site between the 6th and 26th January and for every 10 played on any ChitChat game you will earn 1 point. These points help you climb the leaderboard and if you finish in top spot then there's 1000 on it way to you. The players that finish 2nd through to 6th will all pick up 100 each.

To give your points total a boost make sure you play on the 8th and 24th January for double points or on the 16th January when there's triple points on offer. You can follow your progress and that of other players as the leaderboard is updated regularly throughout the promotion. The current leader is a good 3000 points ahead of the second placed player - let's hope that they've read the rules and are not expecting to take one small step for man and one giant leap for bingo.

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