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Take Me Out Bingo At Jackpotjoy

Added on Monday 3rd February 2014

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The brand new Take Me Out Bingo has launched at Jackpotjoy. The game is based on the hit TV series and to celebrate the launch you have the chance to win a holiday to The Isle of Fernando's! To get involved with the prize giveaway you need to try the game - but what's it like and how do you play?

Take Me Out Bingo

  • Type Of Game: 75 Ball Bingo
  • Cost: 10p a ticket
  • Open: 8am to midnight
  • Jackpots: Community Jackpot (Buy 6 tickets)
  • Extras: Free tickets bonus round based on the TV show
  • Special Features: Paddy McGuinness is the caller

Take Me Out Bingo is a 75 ball game and the object is to be the first player to bingo on the heart pattern. The TV dating show twist comes in the form of the 30 girls who make up the Community Jackpot. Each girl is assigned a number from 1 to 30 and as the game progresses will switch off their lights if their number is called. If 18 or more lights are left on at the end then everyone playing (and who have bought 6 or more tickets) will share the Community Jackpot.

All is not lost though if less than 18 lights are left on as there are additional prizes to be won. If 12 to 17 lights remain then all qualifying players earn three free cards for the next game. There are two free cards on offer if 9 to 11 lights stay on and just one card if 6 to 8 ladies remain in the game. If over 25 lights go out then it's a Blackout and no community prizes are awarded. Game cards for Take Me Out Bingo are just 10p each, which makes qualifying for the community prize a lot nicer. Similar games such as Bejeweled Blitz at Jackpotjoy cost 25p a card making it basically 1.50 a play if you want to be involved in all the features.

We gave the game a quick play and were quite impressed. Jackpotjoy have managed to get Paddy McGuinness to do the calls and he's better at it than Fred & Reg over at Gala. We suspect Paddy's days in Phoenix Nights weren't all wasted! There's music from the show and the familiar lights out noise when a girl decides it's no time for no likey no lighty.

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