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Love Is Weekend Bingo Reload Bonus Codes

Added on Friday 7th February 2014

New Player Offer: 250% Bonus

Wagering terms and conditions will apply

It's been a long time since we featured bonus codes for the Joy of Bingo sites which include Redbus, Tasty, Posh and Wink. It's even longer since we featured a promotion from another site in that camp - Bingo Street, so here's us addressing both those issues in one go!

Posh Bingo
  • 7th Feb: 70% Bonus - LOVE (10)
  • 8th - 9th Feb: 60% Bonus - GAME (10)

Wink Bingo

  • 7th Feb: 75% Bonus - BDAY (10)
  • 8th Feb: 70% Bonus - CANDLE (10)
  • 9th Feb: 65% Bonus - GAMES (10)

Redbus Bingo

  • 7th Feb: 70% Bonus - RED (20)
  • 8th - 9th Feb: 70% Bonus - HEART (20)
Tasty Bingo
  • 7th Feb: 60% Bonus - SUPER (10)
  • 8th - 9th Feb: 60% Bonus - FUN (10)

Bingo Street

  • 7th - 13th Feb: 70% Bonus - CASH (20)

888 Ladies

  • 7th Feb: 70% Bonus - LOVE (20)
  • 8th - 9th Feb: 66% Bonus - ROMANCE (20)

Big Brother Bingo

  • 7th - 13th Feb: 70% Bonus - ROMANCE (20)

The bonuses above come with all sorts of terms - the amount indicated in brackets is the minimum deposit required to activate the bonus. In the cases of Wink, Tasty and 888 Ladies you'll get more if you deposit over 20 and similarly if you deposit over 30 at Redbus. The codes can only be used once during the time periods indicated - although at Bingo Street and Big Brother you're entitled to use the code twice.

If you're a regular user of Joy of Bingo bonus codes you'll have spotted that they have significantly cut them. At one point you could easily pick up a 100% bonus on all sorts - but 60s and 70s, whilst offering a little more than the standard 50%, aren't perhaps overly enticing. In fact the codes are a good reflection of the current status of the JOB sites.

As mentioned we've not covered promotions at Bingo Street for quite some time, but then in terms of exclusives it's lacking. It does share the same stage as Big Brother (which itself is in the doldrums) but even so there's not a lot new. Yes there are regular jackpots, free bingo and the usual slots but we'd like to see more. At least the regular bonus codes indicate that the site is still ticking along.

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