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Free Wish Bingo Cards Could Win You 1500

Added on Wednesday 9th July 2014

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Newcomers Wish Bingo haven't taken long to settle in to offering players a big prize game. It will take place at the end of the month and the winner will have the chance to choose a prize from the Genie's Wishlist. These options include energy bills paid for a year, petrol for a year or free bingo for a year.

Win 1500 With Wish List

Now before you bingo players out there who drive a lot or like to burn up gas and electricity start rubbing your hands at the thought of a year of no bills there's something you need to know. The actual prize for Wish List is in fact 1500 real cash. It's a prize that's not to be sniffed but some people may feel short changed at winning a "year of energy bills" when the actual prize may not cover them! Still, at least the winner can choose how best to use the winnings - we'd go on holiday if truth be know.

Anyway, Wish Bingo's Wish List plays at 9.30pm on the 31st July and if you want to pre-buy your cards then you can do so right now. They cost 2 each and are available via the lobby. However before you start spending your cash there are better ways of picking up tickets for this game - in fact you can get a 2 card for free and just a penny if you read on!

No Lose Qualifiers & Free Cards

Every Wednesday in July Wish Bingo will be holding No Lose Qualifying games. The prizes on offer are tickets for Wish List with the full house winner collecting 60 cards! There are 40 cards for the two line winner and 30 cards for the one line winner. Players who finish on 1TG will be rewarded with 20 freebies whilst 2TG players will collect 10. Even better if you don't win then you still get a Wish List card.

This means that for the princely sum of just 1p you'll receive a 2 bingo ticket. That's surely a bargain? If that wasn't enough for you then you can get further free Wish List cards simply by depositing at Wish Bingo. Just make a deposit of 5 between the 1st and 30th July to receive 5 free cards. By making a deposit you'll also be able to play the free 10,000 Gold Souk game that takes place every Friday.

If you're new to the site then there's a 10 no deposit bonus waiting for you!

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