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New Pulse Bingo Game Launches At Tombola

Added on Tuesday 15th July 2014

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Tombola have finally released their brand new game and it's called Pulse. Now we expected that this would be the replacement game for The Heist but as it turns out it's in fact a brand new bingo game. It's a 36 ball game and it's Tombola's answer to Speed Bingo making it fast and furious!

Pulse at Tombola

  • Type Of Game: 36 Ball Bingo
  • Cost: 10p to 1
  • Open: 24/7
  • Jackpots: Two Tier Jackpot (16 or 19 calls)
  • Extras: None
  • Special Features: Rooms limited to 90 players

How To Play Pulse

In Pulse your aim is to mark off the 12 numbers of your card. The game features a floating ball card which is a bit gimmicky - we quickly utilised the option that allows you to make the numbers static. If you'd like to do this then simply click the "velocity" button in the left hand of the bingo card.

You can opt to auto daub your numbers or if you're feeling brave then it's easy to switch to manual marking. Game play is exactly the same as any other bingo game. But, to heighten the tension the bingo card changes colour as numbers are crossed off to a Doctor Who style sound effect. In the background a heart beat quickens as the number of calls increases. It all adds to the excitement - although you can turn the sound off if things get irritating or you're out and about.

Pulse is a multi-price variable jackpot game - what this means is that you can choose your card price, starting at 10p and rising up to 2, and the jackpot amount reflects your choice. Obviously the higher your stake the more you can win. Each pay level has it's own big money jackpots too and these can be won if you call within 16 or 19 calls. If you choose to pay 2 a card then potentially you could win 20,000! All the games we played in though saw winners in over 20+ calls.

As mentioned Pulse is simply speed bingo, and games run every couple of minutes. Although a brand new game, Pulse is already available to be played on PC, mobile and tablet which is great news if you're using the Tombola app. We were quite impressed with the game and it's all quite exciting - at least until you realise how quickly your bingo funds are diminished. As usual Tombola have come up trumps and whilst speed games aren't new the UK's top site have managed to just make it that little bit more special.

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