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Will The 5000 Juicy Jackpot Take Your Fancy

Added on Wednesday 24th September 2014

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On the 5th October Fancy Bingo will be giving players the chance to win 5000 in a free game called The Juicy Jackpot. On paper it sounds great, who wouldn't want to try and win five grand for nothing. However, there are a couple of things that make this game not as fanciable as we first thought.

First off The Juicy Jackpot is in fact a sliding jackpot game. This means that to win the 5000 top prize you will need to achieve bingo in between 24 and 29 calls. After that the prize begins to slide as follows: 30-40 calls win 3000, 41-45 Calls 2000, 46-50 Calls 1000, 51-75 Calls 500. Hopefully someone wins big but it's probably unlikely to be the 5K prize.

The second not so fanciable item is the free cards. To play in the free and exclusive Juicy Jackpot you need to have deposited a total of 100 or more at Fancy Bingo between 15th and 30th September! Now for some players that's achievable but Fancy Bingo for us has always been about the penny games. "Play Small Win Big" is the site's tagline which also suggest cheap games. We suspect that folks wanting cheap bingo may not be the kind to deposit 100 in two weeks!

Don't get us wrong - we love the fact that Fancy Bingo are doing exclusive promotions. But we would like to see them in keeping with the perceived ethos of the site. If the site is no longer just about playing for pennies then fair enough as it's a tough ship to sail upon. However it should be made clearer to players that play small and win big is the direction of the site.

The good news though is that Fancy haven't abandoned their penny games and there's still plenty of opportunities including the weekly Fancy That game. This players on a Saturday at 8pm and gives you the chance to win for free, 1p or 2p a ticket. This week's prize is a Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine. Tickets for that game cost 2p and you can pre-buy.

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