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High Roll Your Way To A Guaranteed Car

Added on Wednesday 17th December 2014

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We suspect that the folks at Sky Casino have been taking a close look at Bet365 over the last week or so. If you remember we reported that Bet365 had brought back their 12 Levels Of Christmas promotion which offers players the chance to win a car. Well Sky Casino have launched a very similar promo but they're calling it Christmas In Style.

Christmas In Style features 13 levels for players to try and climb through in order to pick up bonuses, enter prize draws and even collect guaranteed prizes. The more points you earn before the 28th December the higher up the levels you'll go. You need to earn 100 points just to make level one and collect your first reward of a 5 casino bonus.

You earn one point for every 10 wagered at Sky Casino so to collect the first bonus you'll need to play through 1000! This is definitely a high roller rewards promotion. To reach level 2 you'll need to earn 500 points whilst you'll need 1000 and 1500 points to get to levels 3 and 4 respectively. It's not until you get to level 5 and 5000 points when the chances to win prizes materialises.

The prizes on offer in this promotion include 500 cash, Bose Headphones, iPhone 6, Google Glass and a Macbook. Note that these prize draws are in addition to guaranteed bonuses that you can pick up by climbing through levels 5 to level 9. It's at level 10 when you're guaranteed a win! Earn a whopping 100,000 points and you'll be guaranteed dinner at NOMA or a cash alternative. The other prizes are as follows:

  • Level 11 (250,000) - Drive a Lamborghini in Italy
  • Level 12 (1million) - Personal Shopping Experience in New York
  • Level 13 (2million) - 50,000 Car of Your Choice

Now you don't need to be that good at maths to figure out that to pick up a guaranteed prize of a brand new car you're going to be needing to wager a considerably mad amount of cash! Will anyone really reach that level or is it simply there for fluff? We don't know but we'd love to know if Sky Casino do give away a car - and we'd love to meet the player or players who collect one too.

One thing that is different between Christmas In Style and Bet365 Casino's 12 Levels of Christmas is that the latter have an additional prize draw. Players who reach a certain level at Bet365 will be entered into a draw to win a car - that's not the case with Sky Casino.

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