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Wink Bingo Unveil Uncensored TV Advert

Added on Friday 6th February 2015

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When we first stumbled upon Wink Bingo's latest Youtube video we raised a little eyebrow. It's titled "Wink Bingo TV Ad - The Uncensored Version". Now we don't know about you but uncensored suggests that there may be a bit of naughtiness going on. So we watched to take a look at the saucy antics that aren't seen in the actual advert.

For those in search of sauce and naughtiness there's nowt but a let down when it come to watching the video. In reality this should be called "Wink Bingo TV Ad - The Uncut Version" because aside from a bit of wiggling there's not a lot going on that would actually need censoring compared to the original TV advert.

In fact all you actually see is the Winkers throwing some large shapes - some of which are pretty good. We especially like the blonde lady who does a mean running man! However we can't help but feel a little misled over the title and perhaps even a little cheated - we're also wondering what actually does happen on these advert shoots!

Perhaps more will be revealed in the latest addition to the Wink Bingo community. Coming very soon is a new online e-magazine which should launch this month. Wink say it will be filled with game tips & secrets, helpful life hacks, jokes and recipes. Hopefully it will also contain some celebrity gossip and prize giveaways otherwise we have to say we're not overly excited by the prospect.

It will also be interesting to see whether Wink produce an actual magazine in line with Foxy Friends. Or whether what we'll actually get is just an online blog similar to those that Moon Bingo and Tombola run. If it's the latter then they'll be very little to get excited about. On the flip side if Wink are looking at putting something together that's as good as Foxy's efforts then we could be in for a treat.

By the way, don't forget it's Wink Bingo's birthday this month and to celebrate they'll be giving away 2008 to 2015 jackpots in seven days of special games from the 21st!

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