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Article Updated On 11th December 2019

Tombola have been busy in the past couple of months developing new bingo game variants. Pirates merged into Picture Bingo and this was then followed by Potion Bingo. Not content with offering these new games Tombola have now added Morph to their roster. This is another bingo game without numbers. Sadly there's no sign of a plasticine TV star but instead a gentle shaped based version of the popular game.

Morph Bingo

  • Type Of Game: 36 Ball Bingo
  • Cost: 5p to 2
  • Open: 24/7
  • Jackpots: Call A Recipe in 21 Calls or Less
  • Extras: Coloured Shapes Not Numbers
  • Special Features: Colour Blindness Option

How To Play Morph Bingo

Morph Bingo is a 36 ball game which uses colours and shapes as opposed to bingo numbers. There are currently two rooms to choose from - Switch and Flux. Two other rooms, Warp and Phase, were available at launch of the game but we understand that this is currently offline. After you choose a Morph Bingo room you'll then be invited to purchase a bingo ticket. Each room runs it's own game and players can opt to wager 5p, 10p, 50p, 1 or 2 per game.

Each player in a game has just one bingo card. This is made up of 16 different shapes of different colours. There are plus signs, crosses, triangles, circles, crowns, diamonds and circles. These are coloured purple, orange, green, red, blue and indigo. By the way if you're colour blind you can still play Morph! There's an option to show initials within the shapes. We think that's an excellent addition from the Tombola developers.

Jackpot Prize

The bingo card is split into four lines that are set around in a square. In the middle of the square is where the shapes morph into the "bingo calls". If the shape and colour created by the morpher matches one on your card then it's crossed off. There are three prizes on offer in Morph: one line prize, a full house prize and a fixed jackpot. The fixed jackpot is won if a full house is called in 21 calls or less.

The prizes on offer relate to the price of your ticket. However everyone still plays the same game. The jackpot prize for the 25p game is 1250. Typically the one line prize is around 4 whilst the full house prize is around 12. Obviously these amounts go up or down depending if you choose to wager more or less than 25p. Our advice would be to start your journey with the game at 5p a play. This way you get to see how it works without blowing your budget.

Our Verdict

Visually Morph is quite a good looking game. We like the concept of the morpher although the name does conjure up visions of Take Hart and plasticine men! However, after several rounds we did find that we were getting less and less excited by the game. In most of the games we played the one line winner also took the full house. The one line prize seems to be won very quickly and the full house prize feels impossible to win. This is a view shared by many roomies too!

Using images instead of numbers isn't a new concept in bingo. Tombola themselves had the brilliant Pirates for example. Morph therefore doesn't feel as new or as innovative as Potion. We wonder whether the loss of two rooms (Warp and Phase) is due to players already turning away from this new room. In our view if Morph is going to reach the heights of other Tombola games then it requires a few adjustments to maintain player interest and involvement.

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