Loquax Competitions Newsletter

In recent years rules surrounding the advertising of gambling products such as bingo, lottery, betting and slots has changed dramatically. Loquax has always abided by these rules and even taken unilateral steps to ensure we are compliant. However one of our partners has a clause in their terms which forbids us from sending out emails which may feature them directly or indirectly. They are concerned that someone who has opted out of gambling content via services such as Gamstop may opt-in to receive our newsletter about competitions.

Our partner has said that we can send a newsletter provided our list has been "scrubbed" against an opt-out list held by Gamstop. However Gamstop don't allow this service to affiliates of gambling companies. So as we can't scrub the list we can't fulfil that term and therefore we'd be in breach of their terms. We have questioned this and argued against it but to no avail. The long and short of it all is that if we have a newsletter then they will stop working with us.

It's not an ideal situation and it's one that has left us frustrated, especially as we've worked with this partner for 15+ years and we felt that they trusted us to be responsible. We can't see an issue with respect to sending a newsletter about Loquax to users of Loquax. If you use the site then you know the content to expect from us. You can't gamble on the site, our content is fully compliant with UKGC advertising rules, and any Gamstop blocks should activate after clicking through to destination sites.

Anyway the situation is that after weighing up the pros and cons we will stop sending newsletters. Instead we will keep you up to date with Loquax activity, news and information via the forums, blog and social media. If our newsletter does return in the future we will let you know and contact subscribers to determine whether they wish to remain on our list.