Welcome to Hocus Poker

Hocus Poker is another of our retro free games. This one was for a competition in PC Plus Magazine many years ago. We can't quite remember what the aim of the competition was, but Kirsty managed to devise this fun java game - and actually won!

We've kept it part of Loquax simply because of this and we do love a bit of nostalgia. Hocus Poker was also one of the reasons why we became a gambling portal - it ranked well for 'poker' and that took us along the road into promoting casino, bingo and other gaming products.

Hocus Poker

A fun three card poker game for spooks.

Hocus Poker requires a Java enabled browser to play. You can probably pick it up as you go along, but detailed instructions may be found on the help page.

Try to make a better three card poker hand than the witch.

The game may take a couple of minutes to download

You can watch the images load in from the status bar - this preloading makes the game play much smoother than before. Just leave the web page to leave the game
The details of the best poker hands are on the help page.

This prize winning Hocus Poker game was featured in the November 1998 issue of PC Plus magazine.

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