Online Poker Schools

Poker is often described as a game that takes minutes to learn, but many years to master. But where do you start off learning how to play online poker? What are the rules? And where should you begin? The great thing about poker online is that there are loads of video guides and schools to help you. We've selected four 'back to basic' videos from Sky Poker to share with you as they explain the game in a nice and simple way. The first video for example explains the five popular words in poker - fold, call, check, bet and raise. Tony 'Tikay' Kendall explains all!

In the second video, Tikay shows how poker looks when playing online. The tutorial uses Texas Holdem as their featured game - this is because most poker players and poker sites centre around this version of the game.

In the third part of Sky Poker's help guide, Tikay will take you through the various hands that you can have whilst playing poker.

In the final part of the basic guide, Sky Poker will take you through some hands during an actual game. This gives you some idea how all the points raised in the other videos all come together during game play.

Of course, the above is a very basic introduction to poker - but it should help you get started. Our advice is join in with the free roll and newbie tables on your chosen poker site and develop your skills. You'll also find more learning guides and videos at most of the big brand sites.

Sky Poker are one of our favourite sites simply because they not only have a brilliant poker school but they also have a whole bunch of poker videos and of course Poker TV. This means you can spend hours learning about the game, watching the pros play and picking up lots of hints and tips. Other sites with noteworthy poker school sections are Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power (who offer a free Poker Odds Calculator).