General Data Protection Regulation Information

Required Personal Data for Loquax Accounts
When you create an account with Loquax we ask for a minimum of personal data. You create a username which we use to identify you on the website and we need your email address in order that you can consent to the account creation and reset your password. As as we carry information about gambling we ask you to assert that you are over the age of 18. We also ask for your timezone and the region of the UK you live in which we use for internal demographic purposes only.

Optional Personal Data for Loquax Accounts
On your profile at Loquax there is space to fill in further personal data: your home location, short biography, interests, occupation, as well as links to any Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or other website pages you wish to share. This information is all optional but if provided will be visible to other registered users of Loquax. This information can be removed or changed by the user at any time. You can also optionally fill in your date of birth. This is used to send 'Happy Birthday' greetings only. You can choose to display your entire date of birth; only your age; only your birthday or nothing at all to other users. Again this information can be removed or changed by the user at any time.

Operational Services
Our web hosting is provided by Nimbus Hosting Ltd and in order to provide support to us they have access to all information on our servers at all times. They do not access this data for any other purpose.

Processing Services

We use the Google Analytics service to help analyse the behaviour of visitors to our websites. Users are tracked using an anonymous ID generated by cookies. You can also read Google Analytics' Privacy Policy.

We use Gleam to collect data for prize draws on our behalf. Only the information you explicitly enter the competition using is given to Gleam. This will be a name and a social media login. You can also read Gleam's Privacy Policy.

We use Google Adsense to provide advertising on our websites. Google use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to our website or other websites. You may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

We use Email Octopus and Amazon Web Services to send email newsletters to registered users who have opted to receive them. It is also possible to sign up to receive an email newsletter without registering an account. All newsletter subscriptions are opt-in only, and all newsletters contain an unsubscribe link. Your email address and name is shared with these parties in order to deliver newsletters. You can read Email Octopus' Privacy Policy (as a Loquax newsletter subscriber you are a "Contact" in their terms). You can read Amazon Web Services Privacy Policy (showing they do not "disclose, move, access or use customer content").

We use Facebook comments and like buttons on the site. Facebook will be able to see that you are visiting Loquax but we do not send them any personal data. You can also read Facebook's Privacy Policy.

Other third party sites
Our site operates with third party sites (such as online shops and gaming sites). They will have their own terms and privacy conditions and you're advised to check with them. Loquax does not share any data with sites that have not been detailed above.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments or would like to have any data Loquax holds on you removed then please email [email protected]