Play Backgammon for Cash Prizes

The aim of Backgammon is to move all your checkers into your home area and then start removing them ('bearing off') based on a roll of the dice. Remove all your checkers from the Board before your opponent in order to win the match. There are usually two ways to wager on a game - match play and money play. With match play, players take part in one or more games in order to reach a target point-score first. The winner receives their stake back plus their opponent's stake, less the applicable rake. The target score is determined by the room you're playing in.

Money play is where your winnings are determined by your points score. The more points you accumulate the higher your cash prize. The winnings at the end of the game are calculated as the difference between your points scored and your opponent's points scored, multiplied by the chosen per-point stake. Our advice is play a few freerolls or cheap hands before jumping in to higher money games. It's also good to have a basic grasp of the nuances of the game such as using the doubling cube.

Play Backgammon For Prizes

Sites like Game Account and Midasplayer used to offer players the chance to win cash in multiplayer tournaments. However, whilst Backgammon is a big draw in Europe it's less popular online with UK players. You used to be able to play Backgammon at William Hill, however this has since ended so the following review requires updating once we find a new source.

William Hill Skill offered a variety of two-player backgammon cash or free games, or you could join in regular multi-table tournaments. There were turbo 1p tournaments every Monday and Thursday. There were daily superroll tournaments to enjoy at 6.10pm and 8.10pm.

The skillgaming video above shows you a backgammon game in action at William Hill Skill games. The text is in German but it doesn't detract from the gameplay - but as mentioned above - the game is preferred by our European cousins. This may explain why Ladbrokes seemingly have dropped the backgammon from their site.

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