Play Dominoes for Cash Prizes

Dominoes is probably one of the games you're least likely to consider as something to play online - let alone try and win cash prizes by playing it. However, the game is perfect if you love strategy and it can be a lot of fun. The object of the game is simply to clear your rack of dominoes before everyone else. There are some variations in play - Classic, All Fives and Fives and Threes. All Fives originates from America and is considered the best version, but you may wish to stick with the classic if you're a beginner. Fives and threes has a mathematicl twist - just to make things a little tougher!

Play for Prizes

When we wrote this article, William Hill ran a skill game section. It offered all three versions of the game mentioned above and there was even a pennyroll tournament every Saturday. However the skill games have been since removed which makes the remainder of our review a bit redundent - apologies. There is a dominos game at Playspace which is fun to play and worth a look - check out our review - although it's not of the same tournament ilk that we'd found at William Hill.

The video above from Skill Gaming gives you an insight into how Dominoes is played online. In the clip the opponent is beginnerbot so we presume that there's opportunity to test your strategy and skills. As with all games like rummy, poker and backgammon it's worth playing cheap or free games first just to get a feel for the software. This is good advice even if you're a skilled player but new to a site.

Although to many Dominoes may just seem like a game without skill it does have a high degree of strategy. It may be worth checking out How Stuff Works for their introductory strategy guide to playing dominoes. A few pointers could make the difference between winning and losing if you decide to take on other players in tournaments online.