Play Golf Games for Cash Prizes

You probably might think we've lost the plot a little when we say you could play golf online to win cash. It used to be the case when Game Account and Midas Player were the big skill game sites in The UK. They invited players to take to the fairways and putt their way to success. As in the real game the aim was to land the ball on the green, sink the putt and beat your opponent. You could compete against other players and even win small prizes. However once things like Tiger Woods for Playstation and Xbox 360 appeared, the online games rapidly lost appeal due to their poor graphics and game play.

Virtual Golf

Even the Midas Links from Royal Games has now gone - leaving just a game of Golf Solitaire behind. It's just not the same! However, there are some virtual golf games available and they are pretty good. For example the Free Golf Challenge over at Sky Sports is something you might like to try. Choose from Choose from Celtic Manor, St Andrews, Wolf Creek, Pebble Beech and Merion.

If you like the look of this then there's more of the same at World Golf Tour. At The WGT site there's options to get involved in tournaments and even play for prizes. The above video gives you an insight into the WGT game. If you just want to play for fun then it's free!

Golden Tour Slots

Can golf lend itself to a slot game? Well Gala Casino seem to think so! Golden Tour is a five line five reel slot with a golf theme. The icons on the game are all golf themed and there's even a bonus round where you need to select the right club. Choose from a driver, iron or putter and if you select correctly you'll be picking up a bonus. Given the advances in slot gaming we're a little surprised that there's not something not more interactive. For example hole the ball as few shots as possible to win a bonus. There must be countless permutations of holes, clubs and courses that could be used.