New Cinco Rooms Open at Tombola

Tombola have been, at least by their standards, pretty quiet of late. Yes they're continuing sponsoring Emmerdale and Sunderland, but in terms of new games there's not much going on. The good news though is that there is life in the top bingo and games site, albeit if it's just a few more Cinco rooms.

Cinco at Tombola

Cinco is an exclusive game to Tombola. It's a kind of bingo game that uses playing cards instead of numbered balls. The object of the game is to match your 5 cards with those being turned over by the dealer. The first person to do so wins!

What's new then? Well, Tombola have introduced some more Cinco rooms and best of all they're all 5p games. You can now join in the fun in the Rio, St.Tropez, Marrakech and Istanbul rooms. These cheaper rooms are quite popular and when we dropped in there was a 10 jackpot on offer - not bad for a 5p game.

On the flipside we're wondering why Tombola haven't introduced any more new games of late. A year or so back they had a flurry of new ideas such as Bingo 50, Bingo Roulette and even a couple of sports related games. Despite their continued sponsorship with Sunderland those football games aren't currently available.

Even the free game has stayed as Happy Families for quite a while now - when usually Tombola rotate it every few months. That's not to say there's anything wrong with the current crop of games at the site, we'd just like to see something new. Usually Tombola come up with something fun and inspiring and we love to see that!

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