Tombola Roulette - Bingo & Roulette Meet!

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One of the most active sites in the games and bingo sector so far in 2009 is Tombola. Not content with offering cheap bingo games, Hamster Races, Battleships, Cinco and even a free to play Freefall game they've now launched Tombola Roulette. And the good news is you don't have to understand roulette to play!

Tombola Roulette

In fact Tombola Roulette is a mix of bingo and roulette (which is probably why they call it BingoRoulette). You select a coloured chip and receive 8 positions on the roulette board. The wheel then spins as in normal roulette and as your numbers come up they're marked off on your Tombola Roulette card. If you're first to clear your 8 numbers - you win!

Tombola Roulette

There are 3 Bingo Roulette rooms with the price per game, and therefore the size of the jackpots, the only variations. The jackpots aren't too bad either - when we played in the 10p room for example the jackpot was over 70!

Combined with the usual 3tg, 2tg, 1tg bingo chatter and the excitement of the roulette wheel spinning we think Tombola have a massive hit on their hands here. It's essentially bingo in disguise, but it will appeal to casino players and bingo players alike.

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