Play Gin Rummy for Cash Prizes

The object of Gin Rummy is to arrange your 10 cards into sets as quickly as possible so that you can end the hand (or knock) before your opponent does, and accumulate points. Games vary from first to knock, 50 point match play, 100 point match play and 200 point match play. It's regarded as the thinking man's poker. Like poker all players put into the pot and the cash pot is then awarded to the player who wins the game minus the rake - this varies from 5% to 10% depending on the stakes and game.

Play for Prizes

As with Backgammon, UK players have limited options when it actually comes to playing Gin Rummy for cash. William Hill Skills are basically the only recommended option. You'll find a variety of tournaments including a penny turbo tournament every Friday. You'll also find four daily tournaments and these take place at 7pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 11pm. These games are open to European players and you will find that they do dominate the rooms.

The video above gives you an insight into the Gin Rummy game at William Hill Skill games.

Play for Fun

RummyRummy on Facebook: Our Rummy is one of a number of rummy related apps on Facebook. Play with 2 to 4 players around the world. Interestingly the apps for rummy don't seem as popular as say Backgammon or Poker, that might explain why it never took off?

RummyGin Rummy App: This Gin Rummy Multipack game from PressOK Entertainment lets you play Gin Rummy on your iPhone or iPad. There's also a free version of the app available so you can give the game a try.

In 2011, Casino VIP became Money Gaming. The site still offers Gin Rummy to it's players but it's focus has moved more towards slots. There are other skill games at Moneygaming such as multi player versions of Brag, Brisca and Escoba - all fast paced card games. No downloads are required to play. However we believe that these are the same rooms as those playable through William Hill.