Online Scratchcards

Once there used to be a whole raft of scratchcard brands such as Scratch2Cash, Top Scratch, Karamba, Hopa and Big Money Scratch. Whilst we included a few of these sites, we were never a big fan. It seems we weren't the only ones to feel that way as most of these sites have either fallen by the way side or turned themselves into slot/casino sites.

However that doesn't mean it's game over for the humble scratchcard. The National Lottery and Health Lottery offer scratchcards online - although these can be expensive to play. What we're also now seeing is that mainstream bingo and gambling sites are putting new life into instant win and scratchcard gaming.

Sky Vegas for example has some excellent games such as Baa Wars whilst Tombola's new Arcade site - launched in 2016 - gives incredible value for money and could be a game changer in the instants/scratchcard arena.

The big problem with this kind of gaming is that it's less social than bingo and can easily become a little repetitive. Tombola Arcade tries to address that and offers a whole new experience. Our advice is try out the sites using free money where possible and try demo play before depositing. That way you can see whether it's something you're willing to spend your money on.

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