Skill Games - Win Prizes

By skill games we mean fun games that required thought and strategy to win. For example solitaire, mah jong, backgammon and word games such as scrabble. These are provided by sites such as and Game Duell. Another site Game Account became Casino VIP and has recently moved away from skill games to more a casino based offering. In fact the rise of slots and instant win games at gaming sites, bingo sites and casinos has pretty much impacted on the skill game sector.

Add to that the impact of social gaming on the likes of Facebook, where many skill games such as Bejeweled can easily be added to your profile as an app, it's perhaps no surprise that skill game sites offering prizes are now in the minority. When we launched this section many years ago we just listed a few of the games that were available. Here's our round up of where they stand now.

Board Games

Both Backgammon and Gin Rummy were touted as the new online poker. However, both failed to get established here in The UK and now the games only available on a couple of sites. Surprisingly you can also play Dominoes!

Blocs & Bejeweled

Games such as Blocs and Fruit Punch continue to be a popular and have become the foundation of some slots and instant win games. The most well known version of this game is probably Bejeweled, which can be now found as a bingo game and scratchcard! In recent years Candy Crush has become even bigger!

Solitaire and Mah Jong

Mah Jong and Solitaire are the corner stones of and Game Duell. Neither have lent themselves over to gambling sites though. Mah Jong is very popular on Facebook with some apps attracting over one million active users per month.

Sports Games

We've never quite understood why people like to play golf, pool and other sports games online, but they do! They are still available at both and Game Duell. Most gaming site sports games tend to focus on virtual sports such as horse racing, greyhounds and football.

Word Games

Finally word games are where people really like to test their skill and knowledge. Scrabble Zing at is one of our favourite word games, but again Facebook is the place to be with the Scrabble app attracting over 1million monthly active users.

Skill Game Apps

Another change for skill gaming was the arrival of mobile phone and tablet apps. With several versions of each game being created for the iPhone for example, there's often no need for players to hunt down their favourite games. Under each section we've now included a few links to some applications that you might like to take a look at.