Play Solitaire for Cash Prizes

The goal of Solitaire is to move all of the 52 cards up to the four foundation piles, thereby clearing the starting lay-up as quickly as possible. It was a popular game back in the days of the first mainstream computers and rapidly became a firm favourite when online gaming became popular.

Surprisingly it's a game that hasn't really lent itself to online gaming for prize money. It's not even be used as a theme for slots or instant wins in the mainstream although Scratch2Cash and other scratchcard sites do boast a 3 card solitaire card.

We can tell you that it's not quite the same as playing with a full deck and trying to remove the four layers. On sites where skill games such as Rummy and Backgammon appear you won't find Solitaire but there are plenty of places where you can just kick back and enjoy a few games for free.

Sadly Royal Games are the only place online where you can play proper solitaire themed games to win cash prizes. They have Midas Solitaire, Ace Solitaire and even Golf Solitaire with various tournament jackpots on offer. The Midas version is probably the closest one you'll find to the traditional game, which is actually originally known as Klondike. Ace Solitaire is a rapid fire version where you need to make combinations of 2 or more cards that sum up to 11 to clear them away.

The golf version takes things to the next level where you need to reach par or lower to move on to the next level. You can even unlock the bunker cards with your trusty sand wedge. It all sounds a far cry from Windows 97!