Play Word Games for Cash Prizes

Using your word power to win cash prizes online sounds fantastic and with sites like Game Duell and Royal Games it's a reality. These skill games sites have things like Professor Mouse, Word Battle and Word Link for you to play. However as times have changed the tournament and therefore prize elements have been eroded. Scrabble Zing, which was a popular game at (now Royal Games) has gone. It means that wordsmiths have very little to get their teeth into with respect to playing for cash prizes.

Slots & Instants

However, there are some instant games, scratchcards and slots that might just tickle your fancy if you enjoy word themed games. Here's just a few that you might want to look at!

ScrabbleScrabble Scratchcard: Originally Scrabble Deluxe, this scratchcard from The National Lottery gives you the chance to play for up to 75,000. You select the tiles and the aim is to cover the words already shown on your game card. There's no skill involved but it's a nice variation on the game.

CountdownCountdown Slots: The popular TV game show has been made into a slot game. It's a bit of fun and there's all the Countdown favourites included. However interaction is limited because the bonus rounds are automated rather than involve any wordskill from the player. Fun but not as tough as the real thing.

HangmanHangman Instants: This is another scratchcard from The National Lottery. You have to select 12 tiles in order to fill the words before 'hangman'. Again it's a lot of fun but it's more down to luck than any skill in word games. Top prize is 15,000!

HangmanLadrbokes Hangman: Ladbrokes games also have a version of Hangman in their Arcade section under 'Games'. In this you need to answer trivia questions and guess the word in the allocated time. The more you get right the more points you earn which can then lead to prizes. It looks dated but it's the best of the bunch.

Free Word Games

As well as the games above, there's of course Facebook. There are a number of Facebook Scrabble apps for you to add to your profile. If you like word games and aren't too bothered about the prize element, then this is probably the best place to start.

For those of you with iPhones or iPads, then the official Scrabble App is also available for download. There's also Boggle and plenty more word games such as Hangman, Crosswords, Word Search and many more.

Online word game fans might also want to take a look at Puzzler. They have a number of prize draws where to enter you need to complete a puzzle.