Boxpoint Competitions Review

Whilst other raffle sites focus on cars and tech, Boxpoint Comps offer entrants the chance to win fitness prizes. Trainers, weighted vests and stand-up paddleboards are just some of the prizes that can be won. Ticket prices however start at 3 but there is a NPN option.

Boxpoint Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Fitness Prizes

When Was Boxpoint Competitions Launched: 2020

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Payment Options: Online Payments

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Boxpoint Competitions

Boxpoint Comps are a new site and only launched during 2020. They're owned by Boxpoint Limited. At time of writing (April 2021) they were hosting five different competitions with a mix of fitness related prizes. The current prizes include Bar with 100Kg Bumperes, Carrera Bike, Nobull Trainers, Timebirds Workout Timer and a Wingbury Farm Glamping Break. Tickets on sale for each competition varies from 30 through to 150. All tickets cost from 2 and all prizes are new. Note cheaper tickets are available to early bird entrants!

How To Enter Boxpoint Competitions

First you need to be registered/logged in to take part. Then select the Boxpoint Comp you wish to enter. On the competition page you'll be shown the closing date, number of tickets that need to be sold, current status of sales and a multiple choice question. Select your answer to the question from the options given. Note that it's unclear to us whether you will be told if you're right or wrong so just double check your answer before completing any purchase. When you're happy with your answer select the number of tickets you want to buy and complete the transaction. Each competition has a maximum number of tickets you can purchase.

When we first looked at Boxpoint we couldn't locate a no purchase necesary option. We're not pleased to see that this is available and detailed in the terms and conditions. You will need to be registered to enter via the postal route. Interestingly this is the only raffle style site that we've encountered to date that says that it will offer entrants a refund. According to the terms "you have the legal right to cancel your order up to 14 calendar days." It's good to know this option is available but it'd be interesting to know if it's used or applied.

Boxpoint Comps Winners

All the competitions at Boxpoint Comps have closing dates but note that they will only complete once all tickets have been sold. If all tickets sell out early then happy days and the prize is awarded. If all tickets do not sell out prior to the given closing date, then a 7 day extension may be added to the competition. This extension may be applied up to 2 times and then after that a cash alternative of 70% of ticket sales will be awarded instead. Winners will be drawn via two methods: The Wheel of Names or a Random Number Generator. Draws are conducted live via Facebook and the winners announced on social media.

Although relatively new to the world of online raffles, Boxpoint Comps have already created some lucky winners. Details of these winners - plus live draws - can be found via Facebook and on their website. We'd like to see more details with respect to the winners including number of entries and links to the live draws. Interestingly a couple of entrants have managed to win more than once despite there being just a handful of draws to date.

Our Verdict

Full marks to Boxpoint Comps offering prizes in a specific niche. Crossfit, fitness and gym related prizes most certainly will appeal to plenty of people provided they get to know about the site. One thing we're less keen on is the ticket price point as a fiver does seem expensive. However tickets are selling on some of the giveaways so that is promising. There are also early bird prices to seek out so that you don't need to pay full price.

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