Cloud Nine Competitions Review

Recently relaunched, Cloud Nine Competitions offers entrants the chance to win a variety of prizes including cars and lifetsyle goodies. Ticket prices range from 1 to 10. Open to UK & Ireland, a free entry option is available.

Cloud Nine Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Lifestyle Prizes

When Was Cloud Nine Competitions Launched: 2019

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Cloud Nine Competitions

Cloud Nine Competitions launched in 2019 and is owned by Cloud Nine Competitions (NI) Ltd. The raffles are all open to entrants in UK and Ireland. Back in May 2020 the site was having a relaunch and had fallen under new ownership. Despite this it's not exactly shaken the 'raffle's scene and at time of writing (April 2021) the site had only two giveaways for a Huawei Watch and a Pressure Washer. Each competition had sold less than 10 tickets.

How To Enter Cloud Nine Competitions

To enter Cloud Nine competitions you need to register an account and login. Choose the raffle you'd like to enter and select the tickets you'd like to purchase. To qualify the entry you need to answer a multiple choice question. The questions aren't exactly challenging. Entries can be made for free via a postal route. Each competition has a limited number of available tickets and a closing date. These are shown on each raffle page alongside any limitations to maximum ticket purchases. If all the tickets are not sold then the closing date will usually be extended. According to the terms this extension can be up to 6 months. We couldn't find any information relating to what happens if an extended competition doesn't reach the required ticket sales.

Cloud Nine Competitions Winners

The winners page at Cloud Nine is now populated with happy punters who have won a wide variety of prizes. These include Beer Keg Machine, PS5 Console, Cash, Mini Cooper, Vw Beetle, FitBit Inspire and an HP Laptop. There are no links to show the archived competitions and no details with respect to tickets sold, costs etc. And from that you can easily deduce that there are also no links to the live draws or any entry lists. OK that's not a pre-requisite but as other similar sites provide these details it does boost transparency.

Our Verdict

One big plus for Cloud Nine in May 2020 was that they did have a free relaunch competition and were giving away cash and cars as part of this relaunch. Unfortunately we're not sure who won them and whether they are on the winners list. We suspect that more details are squirreled away on their Facebook page which surprisingly has 85,000 followers. Cloud Nine do look like they're being more active on social media but may need better prizes to excite the punters.

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