Good Life Competitions Review

Enter for your chance to win Super Cars and other luxury prizes. Tickets are not cheap and range from 12 to 60 depending on the prize. All draws are overseen by Promo Veritas.

Good Life Competitions

Featured Prizes: Super Cars, Luxury Cars

Launched: 2018

Free Entry Available: Yes - See Terms For Details

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Good Life Competitions is owned by Chadd Media Ltd and represents the high end side of win a car raffles. Whilst many sites have ticket prices between 1 and 5, the cheapest entry cost on this site is 14.99. The higher ticket prices mirror the higher value prizes that are available. For example in the in the Luxury Car competition you can win an Audi R8, Jaguar F-Type (plus cash), BMW M3 (plus cash) or a Jaguar F-Pace.

How To Enter Good Life Competitions

To enter simply pick a competition, add the number of your tickets you wish to purchase and create an account to complete payment. As far as we can tell there's no skill element involved but we didn't try and purchase a ticket because of the price! You can enter each draw up to 100 times. Each of the competitions does have a free entry option. The terms and conditions give details about how you can enter via a postal route. You do need to be registered though.

Each competition at Good Life has a limited number of tickets available and the competition will end on a fixed closing date or when all tickets are sold. The closing dates used to be quite long but these seem to have now been reduced down. A countdown clock on the competition pages indicate the estimated time until sell-out although we suspect these are in place simply to create urgency with respect to purchasing.

Good Life Competitions Winners

A handful of winners have been created by Good Life Competitions. Prizes that have been awarded include Audi R8, BMW M2, BMW M4 and an Audi RS5. Videos showing the live draws and testimonials from the winners are provided on site. Draws are conducted live via Facebook. Good Life did use to use PromoVeritas for transparency but we're not sure whether they still do. However the social media lives should be more than adequate for transparency.

The website doesn't explain what happens if insufficient tickets are sold. We suspect that the long closing dates are designed to ensure that the competitions have the best chance of success. Do note that the cars are second hand so just be aware of that. Unlike some other sites Good Life Competitions don't provide that much detail in terms of spec, vehicle condition etc. No responsible play messages are indicated on the site. On a positive note there is a free to enter draw to win a Tesla (ends August 2021).

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Raffle and skill competitions can be expensive and addictive. Only wager if you can afford to lose. Sites like Good Life Competitions are not regulated in the same way as other UK gambling sites. Please play responsibly.

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