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Win fabulous music prizes such as guitars and basses for the price of a cup of coffee. I Want In is a recently launched competition site but has already created winners. All their prize draws close once the last ticket is sold for that particular draw

I Want In

Featured Prizes: Guitars & Basses

Launched: 2020

Free Entry Available: Yes - See Terms For Details

Our Rating:

Whilst many raffle sites launch without any real pedigree it's safe to say that I Want In has got it in spades. Launched in July 2020 I Want In is a new raffle site from Submission Technology Ltd. In case you're interested they're the same people who launched Greasypalm, the UK's first ever cashback site. They've done plenty of other things since 2003 including being behind the Product Testing brand. Unlike other raffle sites I Want In are pitching their prices at an attractive 2.99 per ticket.

How To Enter I Want In

Entering competitions on I Want In is a simple process. Simply select the prize you'd like to win to land on the competition page. Each page gives you details of the prize, how many tickets are available and how many tickets remain. Note that in general there are no closing dates. The competitions will end when all tickets are sold. Occasionally there may be a flash prize draw with a fixed end date. In these cases the prizes will be awarded regardless of sales. To enter a competition you just need to purchase tickets and complete the transaction.

There are no questions to answer which makes it much easier to enter these prize competitions. Ticket prices start at 2.99 but there are discounts up to 25% for purchases of 10 tickets. The maximum entries per person varies depending on each individual draw. Entrants can opt for a postal entry route. You must be registed with the site and then send in your entries as described in the terms and conditions. Postal entries are limited to one entry per person/household per draw. Full details can be found at I Want In.

I Want In Winners

Despite being relatively new I Want In already have winners. On the previous draws pages you'll be able to find details of the prizes awarded, the winner, winning ticket, list of entrants and the Facebook Live video when the winner was chosen. We like this level of transparency. If you want to be the next winner then you'll need to enter the current competitions. Originally when they launched the site focused on tech and lifestyle prizes but more recently the prize range has become guitar orientated!

Ticket sales for each competition are relatively slow despite the change in product focus. We expect that once word gets out about I Want In then this may see the turnover of prizes increase. Another point that's worth making is that all the prizes are brand new. I Want In state that "all prizes will come with proof of purchase, with any authenticity certificates that come with the items, in their original branded packaging".

Our Verdict

There's plenty to like about I Want In, even if they are still fairly new to the scene. We like the fact that tickets aren't too pricey as too many sites launch and expect players to start paying 10+ for the chance to win prizes. It's also good to see that they've already created a couple of winners too. The prizes are varied although we can't believe that a pair of trainers can cost over 1100. If you won them you'd probably never wear them!!

The big plus point for I Want In is that it's being run by an established online company. A lot of raffle sites seem to be set up by individuals with zero experience of competitions and marketing. Whilst neither of these attributes automatically mean a good/bad experience we'd rather spend money with a company that has some background and a reputation to keep rather than one that is a mystery.

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Raffle and skill competitions can be expensive and addictive. Only wager if you can afford to lose. Sites like I Want In are not regulated in the same way as other UK gambling sites. Please play responsibly. begambleaware.org.

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