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Luxury Competitions gives you the opportunity to win luxury items like watches and iPhones in regular giveaways. To play purchase tickets and play a skill-based game to enter the limited number of raffles that are available. Tickets cost from £6 (depending on prize) and packages can also be bought.

Luxury Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Lifestyle Prizes

When Was Luxury Competitions Launched: 2019

Can You Enter For Free: No

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Luxury Competitions

Launched in 2019 Luxury Competitions runs relatively fewer raffles compared to other sites. However the prizes on offer tend to be on the high end and as far as we know brand new. Prizes that have been given away on the site include a Tag Monaco Watches, Rolex Submariner 114060, Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoulder bag and a Rolex GMT Master II Batman. Although we don't know the company behind the site the prizes tend to be in association with Rockefellerís Jewellers in Manchester.

How To Enter Luxury Competitions

To enter a draw simply select the competition you wish to participate in and choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase. You can purchase single tickets or save money by selecting the from the multi-buy options. Once you've made a selection you're required to complete a skill element to qualify. A free no purchase necessary postal route is now available and details of how to use this option is provided in the terms and conditions. All free entries will work in the same way as a paid entry and will be processed the same.

Each raffle has a limited number of tickets available to be purchased. However a closing date is given. According to the FAQ in "the unlikely event that the tickets do not sell out" they "will either cut the competition short or extend it until all the tickets have been sold". This may explain why Luxury Competitions have hosted just a handful of competitions. Winners are selected from all those who have got the skill question correct. Luxury Competitions use a third party website, Random Draws, to select winners and the announcements are shown live via Facebook.

Luxury Competitions Winners

All winners are shown on one page although only some have links to the winning phone call and prize delivery. It would be nice to see more details regarding the conclusions of these giveaways. Some information can be found via their Facebook page. In our view it would be nice if these details were easier to find and collated. It's worth following them on Facebook as occasionally you can pick up a discount on purchasing tickets.

Luxury Competitions doesn't run as many raffles as other sites but the luxury prizes look very attractive. We assume that the watches are all brand new which makes a big difference if it is the case. When we first reviewed the site we couldn't find details about a NPN option or company details. These have now been addressed. We would like to see some responsible play messages but Trustpilot reviews for the site are mainly positive.

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