Motocomps Competitions Review - Closed

This site offered opportunities to win cars, motorbikes, helmets, tech, cash and much more. Ticket prices range from 4.99 to 9.99 (sometimes more). Answer a question to take part. Winners were announced via a live draw. The site is now offline!

Motocomps Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Motorbikes, Cash

When Was Motocomps Competitions Launched: 2019

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Motocomps Competitions

Motocomps launched in 2019 by Moto Corporation Limited. They offer entrants the chance to win various prizes including watches and cash, but motorbikes do seem to dominate. They say that at Motocomps you can get better odds than other competition sites - although that claim surely is based on how many tickets are sold per competition? Better odds also seems to mean pricier tickets For example a 250 cash prize attracts a 4.99 ticket price but only 56 tickets can be purchased.

How To Enter Motocomps Competitions

To enter you need to be registered and logged in to Motocomps. Then select a competition and choose your tickets from those available. To qualify the entry you need to answer a multiple choice question. Finally complete the purchase of your tickets. Each competition has a limited number of tickets available. Closing dates are specified but according to the terms competitions will continue either until all tickets are sold or it's been extended up to a maximum of four times.

If a competition is extended to it's maximum and less than 70% of tickets have not been sold then a cash prize alternative will be offered instead. This prize is the amount of ticket sales minus 30% for admin costs and possibly additional costs for advertising. One thing to watch is that the value of prize may be effected by the number of entries. For example a track day voucher has a minimum ticket level of 30, but it requires 100 entries if the top prize of a 500 voucher is to be awarded. A no purchase entry route for Motocomps competitions is available but you'll need to go to the bottom of the terms for details.

Motocomps Competitions Winners

Motocomps has had a number of winners. The prizes given away include a PS4, GoPro, Garmin Watch and Dyson Supersonic. Each winner's post includes a photo and brief details of the draw. There are no links to the draws although they are shown live on Facebook. A random number generator is used to select a winner and the "virtual hat" does include unsold numbers. If these numbers are selected then the draw is done again until a sold number is selected.

This is a relatively new competition site that currently doesn't attract large volumes of entrants. The motorbike prizes are second hand so just be aware. Another point to consider is the prize value in some cases (e.g. Track Day voucher) is determined by number of entries.

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