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Raffique is a person to person raffle site that allows users to post up their own competitions. Visitors can then enter these prize draws whilst Raffique manages the payments and processes. Prizes include houses, holidays, cars and cash. Tickets start from 1 and free entry is also available.

Raffique Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Variety Of Prizes

When Was Raffique Competitions Launched: 2021

Can You Enter For Free: No

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Raffique Competitions

If you're a regular to the raffle scene then our description of Raffique may immediately make you think of Raffall. The idea of Raffique actually originates from that site as one of the owners of the brand originally used Raffall to giveaway their property. However the final day of Forest Side Home was beset with technical issues that meant insufficient tickets were sold, a cash prize winner was created and the owner of the property took away absolutely nothing. You can read more about this on the Loquax Blog.

How To Enter Raffique Competitions

At time of writing there were a handful of prize draws being hosted on Raffique. These do include the second run of the Forest Side Home property draw. The owners - quite rightly - have decided that the best advert for their own platform is to giveaway their own property. The entry format for each prize draw is pretty much the same. You first select your chosen prize, answer a multiple choice question and purchase a ticket. You're not told if the answer is correct so we do advise using Google to double check before making any payments. Each draw has a fixed number of tickets to be sold. The number of tickets available and the price per ticket varies from competition to competition. If all tickets are sold by the closing date then the prize is awarded. However if insufficient tickets are sold then Raffique will typically pay out a 75% cash sum. This prize is guaranteed.

Prizes At Raffique

As well as the chance to win Forest Side Home there are a few other prizes currently running on the site (October 2021). These include a sea view villa in Greece, a luxury yacht holiday in Ibiza, a Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph Watch, arcade machines and cash/voucher prizes. Unlike Raffall the site isn't swamped with every Tom, Dick and Harry running their own raffles. On one hand this is good because Raffall sometimes suffers from having too many giveaways, but it is fair to say Raffique could do with a little more support - even if it's just to get the snowball rolling and encourage more visitors to enter and add competitions.

Raffique Competitions Winners

Raffique lists the winners of all their previous draws. Occasionally these are done via Facebook lives but the site does say that for draws over 10,000 value they "employ the services of Random Draws UK". This is a third party service which is something pretty much all house raffles should be using. One thing the winners pages don't indicate is whether the prize draws sold out - thereby giving away the prize advertised - or if a cash alternative was paid. Raffique do show the number of tickets sold on their live competition pages so it'd be transparent to do the same for the closed.

Our Verdict

We ike the premise of Raffique especially with their aims in providing a better and more transparent platform for rafflers. The biggest difficulty for Raffique is in trying to (a) market a house raffle and (b) market a platform for raffles. Using their own platform to try and raffle their own property is a good move but the win a house sector is really struggling at this time even on Raffall. Furthermore we're seeing many raffle sites close down. The key to Raffique's success and to become a serious competitor to Raffall is by getting more people to add their own competitions. Sharing some ticket sales revenue even if raffles don't complete could be one way to be different to it's established competitor.

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