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This Is The Want are trying to be different to other raffle brands. Their aiming to put "luxury brands and experiences" within everyone's reach and describe themselves as the "leading luxury prize destination for women". For just under 4 you could win designer gear in prize draws that are guaranteed!

This Is The Want

Featured Prizes: Designer Handbags

Launched: 2019

Free Entry Available: Yes - See Terms For Details

Our Rating:

This Is What They Want Ltd are the company behind the site. A quick look through the Directors list and one of them is also involved with Aime Leon Dore, a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of New York City. The site is well designed and much more attractive than many others in this market. However at time of writing (April 2021) they only have one competition running - mind you it is for a collection of designer handbags worth over 5500!

How To Enter This Is The Want

To enter a This Is What They Want competition you first need to purchase tickets. You can select one ticket or bulk buy to get a discount. A purchase of 10 tickets gets you a 50% discount (for the July competition) but it will cost you 18.99 to enter! A top tip is check out their social media pages for discount and voucher codes. Once you've made your selection you then need to complete your details and pay. Payments can be made with the usual debit cards. Surprisingly, as far as we can see there isn't a question or skill element involved in the competition mechanic.

However there is a free entry option. Scroll down the competition page and you'll find a postal entry button. This is a lot clearer than on many other sites plus they even have an option to download a pre-printed card. This card shows you the details you need to add plus has the address already in place. All you need to do is fill in your information and add a stamp. Whilst we understand raffle sites don't want to push the free entry route, This Is The Want get full marks for making the process easy.

This Is The Want Winners

As with all competitions of this nature there's a maximum number of tickets on offer. Each entrant can purchase up to 10. However unlike a lot of other raffles the prizes are awarded regardless and the closing date not changed. They also don't offer cash alternatives. Compliance and authenticity is overlooked by LSL Solicitors and PromoVeritas which is good. The draws are shown live on social media although it would be nice to see these linked up to the website so it's easier to review past competition results.

Previous winners are shown on the This Is The Want website. Prizes won do include cash but the bulk are designer handbags. No details about the previous draws, tickets sold etc are provided. Overall though this is a decent looking raffle site that seems to be doing the right things. No extensions, guaranteed prizes, purchased prizes and a clear no purchase route are all big ticks. A little bit more transparency with respect to the draws - simply by linking up the website and social media feeds - would be another big positive.

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Raffle and skill competitions can be expensive and addictive. Only wager if you can afford to lose. Sites like This Is The Want are not regulated in the same way as other UK gambling sites. Please play responsibly.

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