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Win This Competitions aim is to bring you the chance to win "some amazing prizes, for a low cost entry and great odds". To date they have given away a wide range of prizes including cash, motorbikes and cars. These draws are often guaranteed which means they go ahead regardless of ticket sales.

Win This Competitions

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Motorbikes, Watches

When Was Win This Competitions Launched: 2020

Can You Enter For Free: No

Our Rating Out Of 5:

About Win This Competitions

Launched at the start of 2020 Win This Competitions is owned by Plymouth based Picha Media Ltd. The owners Leon and Ollie feature heavily on social media to help put a face to the competitions and service. The website and Facebook information paint a good picture with them both wanting a good experience for the customer and a note to "please be sensible with your time and your money". At time of writing there's currently just one competition for a 2019 Triumph Street Triple RS on the site although a VW Golf R prize draw had just concluded.

How To Enter Win This Competitions

The prizes at Win This Competitions vary but tend to focus on cash, cars and bikes. Note that the transport prizes will most likely be second hand but full details are given on the website. The set-up for Win This Competitions is similar to Boxpoint Comps. Be registered/logged and then select the competition you'd like to enter. On the competition pages you'll be shown the closing date, number of tickets that need to be sold, current status of sales and a multiple choice question. Select your answer to the question from the options given.

Note that it's unclear whether you will be told if you're right or wrong so just double check your answer before completing any purchase. When you're happy with your answer select the number of tickets you want to buy and complete the transaction. Each competition has a maximum number of tickets you can purchase. Win This did use to offer a NPN option for entering their competitions. However they have "have currently suspended all free entries following discussions with the Gambling Commission UK and the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)".

Win This Competitions Winners

Win This Competitions have had a number of winners already. The winners page gives you the details of previous draws, the prize that was on offer, the winner's name, winning ticket number and a video of the draw. Full marks for transparency! Other sites that have launched this year have had less winners than Win This and we think this is because this site have guaranteed draws. This is a draw which goes ahead regardless of the number of tickets sold. According to their terms they "will never extend a the competition period or offer a lower prize pot".

This is a refreshing change when compared to other raffle sites which are happy to keep extending. However this guaranteed approach does have risk and a raffle site can't survive if it's not selling enough tickets against the value of the prize on offer. However it does seem that Win This Competitions are selling tickets. We know this because the site publishes it's entry lists. On one hand we do like this level of transparency but on the other we do wonder whether it should be visible. Still it does make interesting reading when looking at multiple ticket purchases and how much people spend on these competitions.

Our Verdict

We like the aims of Win This Competitions especially with respect to wanting to offer a good customer experience, low cost entry and sensible play. That said the competitions we've looked at aren't the cheapest. A ticket to win the 2019 Triumph Street Triple RS costs 9.99 whilst a "Cheap Punt" is described as a competition with a ticket price of less than 8. That doesn't quite tally with the low cost entry element of their aims. Furthermore whilst sensible play is encouraged there's no reference to begambleaware or responsible play on the site. We'd like to see that added.

However there are plenty of positives including the guaranteed prize draws and the transparency shown with respect to previous winners and giveaways. At time of writing the choice of giveaways was limited although in fairness they had just closed a car giveaway and created a winner. Additionally they offered other prizes in that draw plus had run ticket prize draws for adding Trustpilot reviews. We're not that keen on Trustpilot Reviews for providing an honest overview but we do like that Win This aim to keep their community involved and motivated.

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