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Only the the best prizes make it on to Wishclix. Purchase tickets for the chance to win cars such as an Arbarh 595. Cash and lifestyle prizes can also be won. Ticket prices range from 1.50 to 25. Free entry routes are available. The site closed down in 2020.


Featured Prizes: Cars, Cash, Lifestyle Prizes

Launched: 2020

Free Entry Available: Yes - See Terms For Details

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Wishclix are owned by Phoenix Competitions Ltd and launched at the end of November 2019. It offers entrants to chance to win a variety of prizes including cars and cash. It takes a swipe at other competition sites by stating that it doesn't give away "high mileage cars or second-hand watches". That said the cars that they have in their competitions are second hand.

How To Enter Wishclix

To enter you need to select your competition, purchase tickets and then select your numbers. Each competition has a fixed number of tickets available. For example 2100 tickets are available to win a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63S SUV and 1500 cash (May 2020). Tickets for this particular competition cost 25. Note that each competition can have it's given closing time extended by the promoter up to 4 times. If after this all tickets are not sold then 70% of the value of paid entries will be awarded as a cash prize.

Wishclix do offer entrants a free entry option. Postal entries will be accepted and entrants will be allocated a random number by the promoter. It's not clear how free entries work though. If 2000 free entries are sent in for a competition that has 2100 tickets then does this mean only 100 tickets remain available to be sold? The terms also state "in the event of all competition tickets being sold, free entries will not be added".

Wishclix Winners

The Wishclix Winners page currently boasts winners from February 2020. Prizes won include Apple Airpods, Dyson Airwrap, Apple iPhone and a Coffee Machine. Full details of each completed competition are shown on the website including a video of the draw which is done using Randompicker. On Facebook Wishclix have recently announced the winner of 1000 Amazon Vouchers but this hasn't been added to the winners page.

It's good to see that competitions are reaching completion at Wishclix and there is transparency in how they choose winners. The free entry route is good too but it's unclear how these entries are dealt with. The cars on offer are second hand which seems a bit rich given the dig at other sites about high-mileage cars and second hand watches.

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Raffle and skill competitions can be expensive and addictive. Only wager if you can afford to lose. Sites like Wishclix are not regulated in the same way as other UK gambling sites. Please play responsibly. begambleaware.org.

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