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The definition of skill is a dubious one when it comes to online raffles and pay to enter competitions. In our opinion, skill has been dumb downed from something as complex as spot the ball to asking a multiple choice question along the lines of "what colour is the sky". Of all the sites that we feature within the pay to enter competitions section we'd say that only has any element of skill - and even they have started running answer a question competitions as part of their lifestyle format. The problem with pure skill competitions - and you see this more with win a house raffles - is that people are less keen to enter. Skill competitions don't have to offer a free entry route.

2 Featured Raffle Sites - Skill Competitions

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Win Dream Cars, Cash, Holidays, Watches is probably the most well known car competition site and it offers entrants the chance to win dream cars and other prizes three times a week. Car competition ticket prices start at 85p and rise to 4.80. Alternative cash prizes can be awarded.


Win Luxury Watches

In October 2020 Watchlotto just closed their doors without any warning. Their website was taken down and all social media channels removed. However it looks like this site is back up and running again. Their aim is to award as many players as possible with luxury watches.

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